1. M

    W202 C180 problem

    Hi all, Hope this is the right place to post. Have a w202 c180 auto here 2000. Drove it for a few days with no issues then parked it up for a month or 2. Battery was flat - charged it up and went for a drive and now it won’t move out of 1st gear reverse, neutral etc all engages but it does...
  2. M

    Looking for a used Mercedes Benz C Class C180K

    If you got any used cars, do let me know, looking out for this model or maybe any in the sedan class
  3. M

    Mercedes 2004 c180 Kompressor Saloon Remote issue

    I have a problem with my remote: it doesn't lock or unlock the car eventhough it locks or unlocks once pointed to the IR on the door handle. I have just bought the car recently from a trader and they weren't honest about about car. They told me that just the battery in the remote needs changing...
  4. M

    cl203 c180 coupe 2003 front left wing panel

    I have a 2003 c180 cl203 coupe and sadly somone had driven into the side of my car and driven of without leaving any details. They have crushed the near side front wing panel so I'm looking to try and replace it. Looks like its just bolted on with 10mm nuts. Does anyone know if the 2004 and...
  5. D

    C180 2004 crazy electrics!!

    Hi Everone, newbie to the site and Mercedes. Have a massive problem, just bought a c180 Kompressor 2004 rhd yesterday, now I knew there was an electrical fault but the car was going got peanuts so thought why not give it a go, anyway.... The windscreen wipers are on permanent, full beam on...
  6. S

    PLEASE HELP! Engine Juddering harshly when idle.

    Hello all. Firstly, I've only just signed up and I apologise if I come across as a noob. I really require some expert advice/opinion on some issues I'm experiencing with my Mercedes 2004 C180 Kompressor SE Sport (Automatic). 82000 miles. Long story short. I recently just had the spark plugs...
  7. Kizzabakcanb@gmail. Com

    08 front and lights on 01 c180

    Hi I have seen pics of a different front on a 01 w203 c180 coupe, it looked like lights, bonnet, grill, bar, guards of a 08 or 09 c180 has any one heard or seen this done Thank you in advance
  8. A

    CLASSIC C180 59k on clock

    Hi I am selling my 2002 Mercedes C180 classic 2.0 petrol. This car is in complete mint condition and has only covered 59k miles. I wanted a rough idea of how much I could sell this for and what people would offer
  9. R

    2004 C180 timing chain dash warning light ignored

    Hi all The subject line says it all really My parents' vehicle - and needless to say the repair cost (Merc dealers) are astronomical / not affordable. The proactive replacement of the 'bicycle' chain would've been the obvious and preferred plan of action. Now the subsequent (but yet to be...
  10. T

    ECU flooded with engine oil

    HI All I'm new to the forum and hoping I could get some advice. I have a 2005 C180 Recently the engine diagnostic light came on and the garage I took it to have told me there is an engine oil leak which has pushed oil through the loom and flooded the ECU. They have said it is a common fault on...
  11. G

    C Class 204 Facelift cornering bulbs not working.

    I had a message on my dash saying my right cornering light had stopped working, which it had. I got some h7 5000K halogen bulbs and replaced both the left and right bulb. The error message has disappeared but now neither cornering light seems to work and I was wondering why this is? I read...
  12. S

    What Engine do I have? Also Air Intake rep. hose.r

    Good Evening folks. I have recently purchased a UK 2004 C180 kompressor Avantgarde 1.8 petrol manual. Looking for a few parts for it but first time Merc owner, I have no idea what the engine number/make/short code is that all tou guys reference. Can someone help please. Also needing a new air...
  13. Trueblue1872

    Terrible MPG on Kompressor

    Hello again Guys/girls. I have had my c180 2004 kompressor now for over 1 year and have always noticed it had been quite a thirsty car on fuel but lately its getting considerably worse. I am getting aroung 20mpg around my city and not much better when i was on the motor way yesterday. I am...
  14. Trueblue1872

    Fault Codes......Could the problem be....

    Hello again folks, after getting an intermittent engine management light on my w203 c180 Kompressor i decided to dive in at the deep end and purchase an OBD2 Scanner tool. i have been since still getting the intermittent light after clearing the codes. they are as follows:- P0101- Mass/Volume...
  15. Trueblue1872

    Lighting Problem

    Hello all, i hope you can help with this frustrating problem that is driving me mad. (W203 C180 KOMPRESSOR 1.8 2004) I recently changed out my signal bulbs for new ones and on inspecting all of the lights they seemed to be working fine. Recently a message has been appearing on my malfunctions...
  16. G

    Something slipping after engine remap

    Hello, I'm hoping someone can help me! I have a 2012 Mercedes C Class Coupe AMG Sport. It's a 1.8 turbo petrol. Today I got my car remapped and it has made it so much quicker off the line. HP increase isn't high, I think about 18hp increase, but apparently torque has increased by 80...
  17. J

    Coolant Thermostat for C180 2012 Coupe

    Just a short question to ask if anyone knows where to buy a decent coolant thermostat, one that is not too expensive? Shop names? Online? Or do I have to buy from expensive dealer like Mercedes themselves? I have been looking online but not too sure what sites to go on as some look a bit dodge...
  18. P

    Problem windscreen washer jet

    Hi, I own 2005 C180 kompressor. I found that windscreen washer jet is not spraying liquid. so, I did check to make sure liquid level and it is almost full. . I could hear motor sound when I pressed button. Can u anyone please advise whats gone wrong?
  19. L

    Mercedes C180 alloys

    Hi, Paint has started to peel of my standard alloys. Would anyone recommend getting them re-done or strip them and leave them just as the bare aluminium.
  20. R

    C180 Kompressor Avantgarde SE 4dr

    Hi All Just registered because I'm about to part with my hard earned readies for a 2006 C180 with 95,000 miles on the clock - not much service history - only 20% of the mileage in the past 6 years with current 3rd owner. From the Forum looks like I need to be aware of timing chain problems...

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