1. Hans Solo5

    Mercedes SL280 R129 Door Stay

    Hi, my door stay on my 1997 drivers door when you open it just closes without the door stay holding the door open, any ideas, the flat bar that goes into the door feels loose. any help would be gratefully received. Are they a nightmare to fit ? Ive seen them for £70-90 on ebay.
  2. Hans Solo5

    Mercedes SL280 R129 Battery Replacement

    Hi Has anybody got any experience of changing the battery in the R129 SL 280, very large oblong type battery which holds its charge but for precaution Im topping her up via trickle charge (CTEX MXS) every 2 weeks which works fine. Im having the intermittent fault in starting the old girl where...
  3. W

    Please help me someone i tried everything

    Hey guys hope your all well Ive got a C180 w202 1997 and im having a real big issue nd a very expensive one by the looks of it. Couple days ago out of nowhere my car decided it wont start anymore I have had the same problem around 2 years ago in my E230 W210 1996 and i had to scrap the car...
  4. ds24215605

    C230 1997 fuel leak on filler pipe hose - part number reqd

    When i fill the tank up on my c230 I have discovered a leak on a hose that comes from the filler cap. Anyone any ideas what the pipe is called or a part number?
  5. C

    advise needed - battery light coming on for W202 1997 C200

    Hello Mercedes Brothers & Sisters!, I have a W202 Mercedes, 1997 C200 Classic / Elegance. It's covered 200,000 miles but overall is fairly trusty. Recently the car battery light has started coming on - intermittently. Definitely more likely to happen upon "cold" - first usage of the day...
  6. A

    What is this Socket ?

    Hi, I found this socket not connected near the projector lights from the front bottom of the car (W210 E230 1997 Avantgarde), so what is this for ?
  7. D

    W202 catalytic converter replacement question

    Hi I have a cat that is gone and need to replace it in order to pass emissions test. my car is a 1995 w202 c180 petrol. i Have sourced a cat from a 1997 c180 petrol. Issue is that mercedes change the cat section of the exhaust system in 1997 but my question is would replacing the cat...

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