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    W204 C220cdi 646811 Overheating

    Hi, I have a problem on my C220 CDI. The car will over heat and the blowers in the cab will blow cold, I removed the thermostat and checked flow and found out if I left the header tank cap off then the heaters in the cab would get warm. I've heard these have an auxiliary water pump and if so I...
  2. K

    CLC 2008 aux cable won’t work?

    Hi Please may someone help me Already searched internet and forum. I have CLC in 58 plate with 30 pin aux cable in glovebox. Bought cable to connect to iPhone 11 and can’t get it to work. Says on controller display; No IPod I’m gutted Radio doesn’t work either. :( Many thanks in advance
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    Wing mirror indicator lens on C180

    The wing mirror indicator lens on my lovely 2008 C180 Kompressor is broken and needs replacing. Can anyone help?
  4. F

    w216 cl 600

    Hi, I am looking to purchase a 2008 w216 CL 600, and was wondering whether you knew any information of any reliabilty issue that have been asscoiated with these cars. I have heard of a number of horror stories about the previous model CL's (starter motor coils, ECU, cylinders on one side not...

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