1. P

    NOX sensor - clean but EML still shows

    Hey guys, I bought a 14 C Class last July from a local dealer (not MB) and the EML showed up not long ago. I went to an independent electrical garage and their tablet said it looked to be an issue with the NOX sensor. I’ve read the experiences of others here, but feel my situation is a bit...
  2. Any_Name_You_Wish

    220 CDI - Auxilary belt tensioner pulley

    Hiya everyone, I've got a wobble (!) on my tensioner. It's a bit squeaky too. I have 2 questions 1) Genuine or Euro Car Parts (I tend to err towards genuine but not many MB places are open) 2) Is it any more complicated than the two bolts that hold it in to the block (and obviously the belt...
  3. M

    Sat Nav SD card CLA 220

    I’m am currently buying a 2015 CLA 220 AMG and when test driving I noticed the sat nav SD card is missing. Can anyone tell me where to get one on the cheap with the latest update rather than going to Mercedes themselves which costs a lot more. I am in the UK. Thanks.
  4. pnevesfoto

    OM646 C220 CDI Turbo issues...

    hello good fellows, it has been a week now and my car is acting up to me and I can't seem to find the source of the problem. after a long day on the road, about 200 km done, when returning home, limp mode... OBD scaner is allways on so I picked up my phone and scanned the codes: P0299 and...
  5. C

    Clc 220 cdi remapping??

    Hi guys, bought a clc 220 cdi 2009! Really happy with it! However I feel like it could be doing with a bit more power, has anyone remapped there own c class and how do you find it? The remap I'm looking at puts it from 150bhp - 185bhp
  6. A

    Brand new user looking to buy my first Mercedes soon!

    Hi you Mercedes enthusiasts out there. I'm currently looking to buy a CLK 220 (preferably nothing higher than a 2 litre engine) and I look forward to finding more about the great vehicle make that is Mercedes.
  7. B

    Shake,Rattle&Roll..Think I've bought Elvis' C Class Coupe

    Guys, im looking for some tech help.. my mechanic is baffled Just bought a C220Cdi (02) coupe and it seems to have a couple of problems. When traveling at any speed there is a vibration type shake which gets worse 60mph +, and worse when there are more people in the car. It feels like the...
  8. R

    1974 W115 220 fuelling problem

    Hi One of the fuel hoses on my 74 W115 220 broke recently and I replaced it, along with another hose that looked a bit dodge. Shortly afterwards, the fuel pump started leaking petrol so I replaced that too. All seems to work OK again, except that when the engine is warm and I'm...
  9. P

    Newbie saying hello from ireland

    just wanted to say hi , to all on this great forum. been a member on this site for nearly six months and with my limited knowledge on engines etc, i marvel at some of the detailed info given freely on here. I bought my first mercedes car last dec' but have had merc vans and trucks before...

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