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    Hi everyone, i have a W203, 2002, c-class 220 cdi, sw. Wipers wont stay in position

    Hi everyone, i have a W203, 2002, c-class 220 cdi, sw. I got a wipers problem. When they turned off they dont stay in normal position and stay about 7° up. It all started on a heavy rain day. They first stoped in position up, and every time i activated them they go down, but now they're stuck...
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    I need a bit of help friends. :(

    Hi. Yesterday while I was taking care of the sunroof I was putting synthetic teflon grease TC2 on sunroof tracks for about 30 minutes. The radiator cooler doesn't start because there's an old problem. I was keeping on eye the water temperature on dashboard, was around 80 celsius, not more...
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    HELP Poor Economy 220CDI

    Hello Everyone, I'm hoping there are some eco guru's out there that can help me! My CLK 220CDI Sport suffers very poor economy! I average 27 MPG at the moment. My commute is fairly economic and I drive economicaly. To give an example before this I had a 2007 330i which returned 28mpg. So my...
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    Air Con Leak - 220cdi - 2001 production

    I have a leak in the air-con system. This leak is at the input valve, just in front of the main radiator. I have charge the system about 4 times and used stop-leak once. The dealership have offerred to fix it but cannot give a fixed price. The problem being a design fault - the condenser block...

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