Hi everyone, i have a W203, 2002, c-class 220 cdi, sw. Wipers wont stay in position


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Jul 9, 2020
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W203, c-class 220 cdi, 2002 sw
Hi everyone, i have a W203, 2002, c-class 220 cdi, sw. I got a wipers problem. When they turned off they dont stay in normal position and stay about 7° up. It all started on a heavy rain day. They first stoped in position up, and every time i activated them they go down, but now they're stuck in about 7° up. I tryed everything ( i think ), i changed the motor, every possible fuse, i changed the keys that activate them, even the rain sensor. On the computer diagnos does not show anything. So right now i a bit hopeless, that's why im asking if you guys have a similar experience or know anything about this problem. I appreciate your help

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