1. D

    Bumps and suspension

    Hi I am new to this forum and I’ve had my Mercedes for nearly 3 years. Thank you for accepting me into the forum. The issue I’m having at the moment is that I am feeling every single pothole and bump in the road and I feel like it is damaging the wheels and the tyres. I have been advised by my...
  2. T

    Hi everyone, i have a W203, 2002, c-class 220 cdi, sw. Wipers wont stay in position

    Hi everyone, i have a W203, 2002, c-class 220 cdi, sw. I got a wipers problem. When they turned off they dont stay in normal position and stay about 7° up. It all started on a heavy rain day. They first stoped in position up, and every time i activated them they go down, but now they're stuck...
  3. R

    W204 SAM Fault? Power issues

    Hi currently, have W204, the car appears to be blowing front sam unit. No heated seats, auto lights, wipers or horn not working. Replaced front sam, worked for a week. And it stopped working again. Could this be a fuse or relay? The main thing I would like working is the wipers. If I...
  4. The Boy Wizz

    Windscreen wipers position

    Hi, I have just got my 2007 W164 ML320, great condition for year but I have a question about the wipers. They seem to be a bit "high" when turned off (park position). Can anyone advise so I can get the dealer to fix if required.
  5. zedmeister

    R107 wipers won't turn off!!!!

    I bought a R107 1985 280SL recently. The wipers used to run on "0" but off on "1". They also used to turn on when indicating - very annoying! So I figured it was the stalk. I purchased a brand new stalk and I have just fitted it - now the wipers run on every setting when the ignition is on! I...
  6. I

    CLC wiper problems (with rain sensor)

    Having looked at the many posts on wiper issues I seem to have a slightly different issue and wondered if the many more experienced posters could shed some light (it's a CLC 2008) - Position 0 (manual - on pressing the stalk) - wipers operate when button pressed but stop as soon as button...
  7. B

    Auto headlamp and auto wiper problems.

    Hello all. I have a fairly new W164 ML 350 CDi. It has auto lights and auto wipers. Lights: Come on regardless of the switch position (i.e. OFF and AUTO seem to be the same thing). Also too sensitive in my opinion. Wipers: Far too sensitive. If on slow intermittent, even the tiniest amount...
  8. B

    Michelin Stealth Wipers

    Hi all. I have purchased a pair of these blades for my CLK 320 cdi sport (W209) 2006 model. Took them out of box with the variety of plastic fittings, but could not get any of them to fit onto wiper arm !! Has any one had a similar problem & if so what solution ? Thanks.:confused:
  9. N

    Windscreen wipers and indicators

    Hi Every morning my windscreen wipers and my indicators (also full beam) don't work at all - this lasts for about 10 minutes as I am driving, then as if by magic they suddenly start working perfectly normally for the rest of the day. It is almost like there is no charge first thing in the...
  10. M

    Please help...newbie with a problem!

    This is my first post here and I'm hoping someone might be able offer some help. Here's what happened this week with my CLK... On Wednesday I got in the car and noticed the Comand system wasn't working. I checked the fuse but it was fine. Then things got worse... Later that day...
  11. M

    Diagnosing wipers not working on W124

    Hi, Having procrastinated about stripping down and re-greasing the wiper mechanism on my 1990 300TD Estate, due to the fact that it had the early, screwed on aluminium rather than plastic clip on wiper mechanism cover (and not having read the suggestion to drill a hole in the bottom of the...
  12. N

    Merc C180 Year 2002 Wiper Issues

    Hi, I am new to this Fourm, came across this via Google. I seem to be having some problem with my Wiper on the Car. The care Details are as follows: - Merc C Class 180, Year 2002. The Windscreen Wipers have all of a sudden stopped working. I have checked the Fuse's they are all...
  13. L

    w123 headlamp wipers

    Hi all, The headlamp wipers on my w123 have stopped functioning. The wash function still works though. Both wipers have stopped working at the same time so I don't think it's the motors - I'm assuming it may be a relay and if so will I find it behind the instrument cluster? Thanks for...
  14. D

    Intermittant wipe

    Oh dear another problem has risen its head today. On intermittant wipe 1st setting the wiper wipes the screen once just as the switch is turned to the 1st intermittant position then nothing only 1 wipe. What could this be?
  15. B

    SL R230 - SRS, Wiper, Comand / Command, Roll Bar, Airbag Light, Clicking

    I have a 2006 SL350 and reasonably regularily, the SRS light comes on along with a number of other faults. Usually, if the car has been standing for a number of hours (possibly overnight), it will be O.K. when started and run. If the car is then turned off and then on, the fault is likely to...
  16. G

    Halfords wipers review

    For anyone considering replacing wipers on a w211 I can confirm that halfords own wipers seem to do a good job. If you reserve on line you can put in your reg number and the correct blades are available for collection when you arrive at the store. Total cos £24. Fitting is very easy indeed...
  17. T

    CLK wipers only work when I spray water

    Hello All, I have a CLK 240 convertible 2003 W209 model. My wipers do not work anymore. The only way I can use them is when I physical press the "water spray" button. Do you know what the problem is?:confused:
  18. grahamwoodward

    Wipers on W203 2001 C240

    I bought some new wiper blades from the MB dealer (£30!!) They are curved unlike the earlier ones which were straight and don't have a spoiler. My car takes the older style blades with a frame unlike the later slim version. Which way should the curve be? Should the driver's side blade curve...
  19. J

    W203 Coupe 2001 wiper / washer /can bus failure?

    This morning i did not take my canoe to work but it became clear after a small clunk and the complete failure of my window wipers that perhaps i should have. It doesn t seem to be anything mechanical as the wipers returned to the home position after a small shove. Further investigation has...

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