1. A

    s203 c220cdi Header Tank replacement... what hose clip pliers do I need?

    My trusty c220cdi auto has over 280,0000 on the clock so I shouldn't be too surpised or grumble that the header tank has sprung a leak and needs replacing. Any suggestions as to the hose clip and pliers type I'll need to wrangle it off?
  2. R

    W203 C270 CDI Radiator leak

    hi I recently bought w203 c270 cdi with 170.000 kms. I noticed I lose my coolant fluid and there is leak. If I have to replace the radiator, is there any radiator from different model that I can fit into my car? thanks in advance
  3. A

    Mercedes w203 2001 Undervoltage Consumer Defective

    Greetings, First, I apologize if any similar thread already exists. I have a Mercedes-Benz model W203 Year: 2001. Diesel, Automatic. CDI 220. 2.2 Lately, I'm receiving a message about Undervoltage Consumer Defective, after 2-3 minutes, when I start the vehicle in the morning. It is not a red...
  4. F

    Fault codes W203 C320, glow plug module??

    Hey guys, I am so sick and tired of battling the electronics of this car and i am at a loss. The yearly inspection is due tomorrow and i still can't get the damn check engine light fixed... :( :( :( So the faults are as follows: OBD testing: *P0670 Glow Plug Control Module Control Circuit /...
  5. Z


    Hi, i am looking to buy an old mercedes and i am not a fan of the models that came after 2009. I have found a 2002 w211 e270 diesel. The car seems to be in a good condition except for the milage ofcourse. The car has done 400.000km, so i want to know that should i go for it, the car is cheap and...
  6. D

    Please provide your help White Smoke from the exhaust W203 - no head gasket issue

    Hello dear members. I am extremely worried for the following issue. Light white smoke is coming out of my exhaust. I noticed it a couple of days ago. I have also checked cooling fluid, oil filler cap and spark plugs for signs of head gasket failure but seems NOT to be a head gasket (as can be...
  7. G

    transmission is shifting hard. w203

    if the transmission has already began to shift hard sometimes, is it worth changing oil and filter? is there hope that will save and fix the transmission? or should i change transmission? dont want to waste money, w203 200cdi 2004 automatic. changes hard when i have little to none throttle down...
  8. L

    W203 Exhaust Upgrade

    Hi, I own a 2003 W203 Mercedes Benz. It's C 270 CDI, 5 cyl, diesel engine. I was only thinking of replacing the stock muffler with an aftermarket one. Magnaflow mufflers caught my eye. I've seen a great number of videos on YouTube of people who have done this so far. I didn't see it done on a...
  9. Z

    W203 2002 C270 CDI aut - Not changing gears after fast acceleration

    Hey, Sometimes, after a fast acceleration the automatic gearbox will not go out of its current gear. I need to restart the car and then it behaves normally. (This problem only appears if i accelerate quick.) Do you guys know what the problem might be? And how to fix this issue? Thanks in...
  10. Z

    Mercedes W203 2002 C270 CDI thermostat change

    Hey guys, My Mercedes W203 2002 C270 is not getting to 90 degrees celcius, even after a long drive. I ordered a new mercedes thermostat but I have some questions before I get to changing it. Do i need to drain the coolant? Or can i just put a cloth beneath it? I read on different forums that...
  11. G

    could use some help :)

    i have mb w203 2004 200cdi wagon that have a non digital climate control. i want to change to the digital version. is this plug and play? or even possible? the ones i have attached as images. thanks so much for help in advance!
  12. J

    W203 Electrical Malfunctions

    Hi guys, Was wondering if anyone could advise on the following issue I'm having on my 03 C Class Coupe. Recently when starting the car I'll be presented with various electrical malfunctions such as SRS, ESP or Automatic light sensors on the dashboard. These will usually disappear after a few...
  13. V

    Another w203 with remote locking problem

    Hello, I am new owner of Mercedes Benz C 220 cdi Coupe (W203). I like the car but I have a problem with remote locking. If I place the remote key fob near (1-2 cm) the driver side door handle sensor It works. Radio FM signal is also very poor, almost no signal at all. Fuse 8 is OK. Tested...
  14. J

    W203 - both mirrors only move down !

    Hi all. Interesting thing on the drive home. Went to adjust the drivers (right hand) mirror - and found it would move down regardless of up or down command ! Left and right is ok. Tried the passengers (left) side and it's the same ! So I have a common fault with both sides, which indicates...
  15. R

    C Class W203 type 203046 Wing Mirror part number

    I am trying to source the N/S (passenger side) wing mirror mechanism on my 2004 C Class w203. I obtained one from an overseas supplier but although it stated that it was for the W203 2000-2004 it was incorrect. The supplied version stated "with memory", and had the number 41-3133-401. Can this...
  16. Tui Miller

    W203 Exhaust Upgrades

    Hi everyone I was wondering if there were any cat back exhaust out there for the 2.6L W203 that would make the car a bit louder and better sounding. Thank You
  17. J

    Auto gearbox won't change gear?

    Hi, New to the forum. I have had my C180K SE Coupe (2004) for about 10 years now and it has been very good up until a few weeks ago when the gearbox would not change gear. I looked up a few similar topics and it seemed to be the Lever Selector Position. I bought a second hand one that I was...
  18. D

    2006 C280 (W203) neither exterior mirrors folds out

    Hi. I have just bought the car and the mirrors were folding in an out fine.I then come to use it and there is no moment or noise. I have checked fused 21,22 & 63 but all good. Any ideas on where to look? It could be user error ;) It is the AvantGarde model. I am assuming it is likely to be a...
  19. M

    2007 C220 CDI iPod connector

    I bought one of these from eBay as suggested (Genuine Mercedes A001827004 Media Interface) Unfortunately, it didn't connect to my iPod lead in the glove box (which was factory fitted). It was completely the wrong plug. So, I then bought one of the these ....3.5mm AUX Audio Jack Cable to 30 Pin...
  20. T

    Hi everyone, i have a W203, 2002, c-class 220 cdi, sw. Wipers wont stay in position

    Hi everyone, i have a W203, 2002, c-class 220 cdi, sw. I got a wipers problem. When they turned off they dont stay in normal position and stay about 7° up. It all started on a heavy rain day. They first stoped in position up, and every time i activated them they go down, but now they're stuck...
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