1. Z

    W203 270 CDI smoke and limp mode riddle

    Hi, I have a Mercedes C class, 2005, 270 CDI with 390.000 km. I know, a lot. But I love the car and the interior is gorgeous :) The problem: When accelerating there is a lot of black smoke comming out of the exhaust. Even a fast rev in park would create a cloud of smoke. Sometimes the check...
  2. Granit

    Please Help!! ML 270 CDI Turbo or Cat problem

    Hi there, My first post and I really hope someone can help me on this problem. Right, Yesterday which was Sunday, I thought I would take off the Turbo intake pipe and clean it. So I started by opening up the air filter box taking the air filter out, note that the air filer had sort of...
  3. MackScania

    w209 2002 CLK270 Delivery / Primer Pump? Failure

    Hi All! I've managed to get myself into a bit of a pickle and would appreciate some help and advice if anyone is able! The cars been in my possession for about 7 months now and It's never really managed to get to operating temperature and I've suspected the likely culprit is the thermostat...
  4. W

    Rebuild 270 diesel (OM612) Low oil pressure on hot idle

    Hi all I have a Jeep GC which was produced with the OM612 Mercedes engine. I have rebuilt the engine, rebored 20thou, crank cut 10thou, new oil pump, new water pump, head redone by engineering shop as well as all the machining and micing done by the engineering shop. I also had the nozzles...
  5. B

    clk270cdi cold starting problems

    hi folk can any one assist me further, thanks to some recent posts ive found out the need to replace the seals on the fuel lines , but the problem im now having is i cant seem to get the fuel back to the pump, is there maybe a slave lift pump that i should be checking as the fuel pump was...

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