1. Prof.C.Benz

    W124 Drivers Seat Question

    In search for a W124 Coupé electric drivers seat base for my 1991 300ce, I have found one in mint condition from a Saloon of the same year, and cannot find any info as to whether they are the same, or adaptable. Any insight greatly appreciated.
  2. K

    twin turbo kit

    ok does anybody have any ideas where to find a turbo kit for the m103 engine in my 300ce. i have looked around on the net and traced the old turbo technics kit to a place called hughes in beaconsfeild. apparently they sold the last one a few years ago for £1000. the only other place i have found...
  3. B

    300ce idle dip

    evening all!! does anybody elses 4 speed automatic mercedes do this? after starting engine and driving off, then comming gto a junction or traffic lifts, leaving car in drive, the idle dips to 500rpm and almost cuts out!!! odd i know!! my haynes manual isnt particularly clear as to...
  4. B

    w124 on 18" amg aero ||

    My first post!! I am running 18" amg aero 2's on my 300ce. But because thier too big and i don't want to make a loss on them by selling them on ebay i need help into how i can make them fit. rears are fine, fronts have spacer and stick out beyond wheel arch and the rubbing is...
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