1. Silver 300te

    Lovely w124 300te -lots of wiring problems

    New old merc for me. Beautiful ride but no working sun roof, reverse light, aerial, lamp warning light, deafening fan. Oh the hours of fun ahead of me.
  2. T

    Mystery connectors beneath my Stereo..?

    Hi folks! I've discovered two mystery connectors underneath the Stereo in my old 300TE 24. Here's some pictures :- http://www.zworld.demon.co.uk/mystery_connector_01.jpg http://www.zworld.demon.co.uk/mystery_connector_02.jpg...
  3. T

    The oil cooler of doom (1992 W124 300TE 24).

    Hi folks! It's me again. There's an oil cooler living (or rather dying!) in front of the near side front wheel of my old 300TE 24, tucked in behind the front bumper. It's leaking quite badly. Has anyone got any tips or advice on how to replace this item? Are there any gotchas...
  4. P

    W124 300TE no ABS function, no warning light

    Hello! First problem I've had with my 300TE: the ABS does not function, and the ABS light does not come on at any point (not when you turn on the ignition, or when driving). Otherwise the car drives with no problems. I have read some threads about the OVP relay failing, or the fuse...

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