311 sprinter

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    Changing the heater matrix

    Hi has anyone had any experience of changing the heater matrix on a 2008 311cdi sprinter. The dash has been removed and can see where it is but not sure how to get to it. Any help or details of how to do this would be great
  2. J

    Air mass sensor

    Ok so my sprinter 311 had engine issues the other day, serious issues and I think I solved them within 5 minutes. First after starting the revs were dancing on tick over which, and when I pulled away the truck was real slow getting up to twenty miles per hour. Then after a short way I turned...
  3. H

    Belching pungent grey smoke exhaust sounds blowy

    Timeline :- Had exhaust stolen, replaced with one from breakers, periodically dirty pungent grey smoke billowing from exhaust and under bonnet and exhaust sounds very blowy which can only be resolved by running up motorway, garage finds two faults on O2 sensor (replaced with new) and clean up...

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