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    E series estate 4Matic opinions?

    I have owned E series estates for years. I am now thinking of buying the 4matic version. Does one have any thoughts on which is the best engine, any problems with the car etc etc.
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    All season tyres needed with 4 wheel drive?

    Hi all, I bought a GLE Coupe a few months ago (first time with a mercedes) and I'll be needing to change the tyres in the next few months. From what I can see, I think I'm fairly limited to All season tyres due to the sizes (275/45r21 front and 315/40r21 rear) but question is, with the 4 wheel...
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    New Member - Buying 08 S550 4 Matic - Any Suggestions?

    Hi folks, My name is Scott Krause. I live in Woodstock, Georgia USA. I am purchasing my first MB (2008/S550/4Matic/one owner) January 2nd. Any suggestions? Thoughts? Thank you, Scott Krause AutoBizBrokers.com

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