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    500 sec battery/alternator charging

    Hello, I left my car for a few months without driving it, and the battery was flat.I subsequently jump started the car--like i've done several times before when this has occurred,and then left it to run for an hour or so then taken it for another 30 min drive. This time ,unfortunately, when i...
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    280se to 500sec engine swap - HELP

    Hello all, as mine 500 SEC (1987) engine died .. I wonder can I swap it with 280SE engine that I have spare one in donor car (do I need to swap also auto transmission and differential from same donor car ??). 280SE donor car is 1984. any help is appreciated TX!!
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    W126 wiring nightmare!!!

    Hi, I just bought a 1983 500sec, the car looks great but has a major wiring mess: Non functioning options, badly rewiring, missing fuses and so on. So before any mechanical repairs I plan to completely rewire it. The question would be does anyone know an online vendor and part numbers for my...
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