722.6 auto transmission

  1. G

    722.6 tcu 2004 problem?

    722.6 tcu 2004 i had a oil leak a year ago wich i fixed but ever since my car has been flaring like 1-200rpm in a few gears and some bump gearing/harsh gearing. probably like only 20-30% of the gearing i would say is like perfect. (or at least what i think is perfect as this is my first...
  2. PaulThomasFarrell

    Oil pipe from transmission to oil cooler 722.6

    Hi, I posted this on a thread I had and think I should have started this new one. Please advise if I've messed up. This is on my E320 CDI 2004 Avantgarde. W211. 722.6 Any how, So the pipe that is attached to the gearbox with a 'banjo' (?) nut....follow it from the banjo to the join. It looks...
  3. C

    722.6 Autobox advice

    Ok, first question and have seen bits of the answer in other places but hope you don't mind me posting the specific questions I would like answers to. The car is a 2008 W203 C220 CDI Coupe with 722.6 5-Speed Transmission. Very occasionally (twice in 10 days & usually after hard acceleration)...
  4. rx6180

    Auto gearbox idler thrust bearing on W202

    I remember now what I was going to post on here back in March before my computer began to lose its marbles. In February I took my 1999 C200 to an independant auto transmission specialist because at 110,000 miles I thought it needed a fluid change which had never previously been done. Of course...
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