7g tronic clk 280 auto

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    7g tronic 2007

    Hi all, I own a Clk270cdi but looking to get a convertible. Found a clk280, 100k miles, 2007 (engine code beyond those with ballancer shaft issues). I'm worried about the gearbox 722.999. How prevalent are the issues with 722.999? I see a lot of people complaining but hoping a specialist could...
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    CLK 280/W209 - 7G Tronic - Serious Problem

    I have a 2006 CLK 280 Conv which has the 7G Tronic auto box. The car has 90,000 miles on the clock. For the last 6 months the car would occasionally do a hard gear change and then stick in 2nd gear, however simply stopping the car, putting it onto park and turning the ignition off and then...

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