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    Vario 814D fuel draining back

    Hi all, I have a worsening fuel delivery problem when starting (OM904L engine). It seemingly began when I was parked on any sort of incline, altho that could be a red herring. The fuel gauge would suddenly show reserve even if there was fuel in the tank and it would take probably 10 to 20...
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    NewBie BigFoot16

    Hi, we are the owners of a 1989 build, 1996 motorhome conversion on a Mercedes 814D (1989), rhd, goes into Armadillo-mode when it sees a hill, but starts on a single turn & should be called "Thumper ". we love her to death. loadsaquestions, advice & help needed please before the trip to the Sun...
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    1995 Merc Vario 814D - Electrical diagram

    Hi everyone I'm new to this forum and own a 95/96' Mercedes Vario 814D recovery truck. I am in desperate need of a wiring diagram as I'm having some after market lights fitted. Additionally for some unknown reason the full beam has stopped working and the fuses are all fine. Would...
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    Mercedes 814d starting issue

    Hello, I have a 1999 Mercedes Vario coach and am having some real issues with the starting mechanism. 2 months ago we got to the point where it would turn over and turn over for up to 20 seconds before finally firing up. We replaced the starter motor and it was like a new vehicle for 2 weeks...
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    2002 Vario 814D - Air suspension fault

    Hello everybody, We have just purchased a 2002 Vario 814D Ex-Library van fitted with air suspension on the rear axle. 200 miles into ownership it has developed and interesting fault.:confused: When stationary, with the engine running, the rear of the vehicle is raising and lowering...

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