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    W169:A150 water in rear spare wheel section

    help ! I was cleaning the inside of the partners A150 when i noticed mold in the spare wheel bit under the boot inner lid, basically when you press the carpet it wobbles around so clearly it feels like 1 or 2 inch's of water in there, the water is currently under the carpet... note: the front...
  2. A

    New owner living my merc dream

    Hey All, Having given myself to the insatiable urge to buy a car after i got my Driving license, i knew its going to be a TriStar or nothing.. Purchased an A150 2007 Reg which has done 89k miles.. went well on my pocket and saved some bucks on insurance (& in turn new driver insurance trauma)...
  3. J

    Proud owner of A150 (W169) 2006.

    Hi, I just bought my wife the above car and apart from a few niggles, which we knew about before we bought it, it is turning out to be a great purchase. I have joined forums for pretty much every car I've owned in the last 10 years and find them a great way of getting advice about what could...
  4. W

    W169 Auto box

    Morning, is it a DIY to check the oil level in a 2010 A150 Automatic? No real problem but recently when I take it out of the garage the first gear lever movement clunks as I move it backwards. After that everything is smooth no problems at all. Its just that one time from cold. When I say...
  5. J

    A150 Intermittent start fault

    My '06 A150 has developed an intermittent start fault. When I insert the key I hear it unlock the steering column with a shuffling noise but on turning the key there is just a click (although engine lights, radio etc all come on). Sometimes if I remove the key and repeat process several times...

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