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    Hi guys, I have an A class, a200. It's been fine then today just joining the m4 a load of lights on the dash came on, abs, (P) brake warning, and a few others. (See attached pic). Even affects the power steering. Any advice much welcome.
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    Electrical Noise Feedback

    Hello, i'm getting a constant electrical noise coming from the driver side of my car,i thought it was the accelerator at first because it changes frequency when pressed but it also happens when stationary and in Park. Its been back in the garage i bought it from three times for various...
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    Vehicle 2006 A200 Sports Coupe C169 - SOLD :)

    For sale my A200 Avantgarde Special Edition Sports Coupé - C169, 06-reg. Other than a pre-sale service by a non-Merc dealer and my own (with Alastair's help) oil and filter change couple of years ago, it's got full MB service history, with 8 Mercedes service stamps (10 service stamps in total)...
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    2019 A200 Centre Console Stuck - Can I Remove?

    Hi All I hope everyone is well and it would be great if one of you could help me.. I have a 2019 model A200 and I have managed to somehow get something jammed under the sliding drawer of the centre console so that it will not open. It is an aftershave bottle that is sitting where the cup...
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    Mercedes a200 Avantgarde 2006 User Manual

    Hi, I have bought a used Mercedes a200 Avantgarde 2006 model but the owner doesn't have the user manual. Please help me find the user manual for the this car.
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    Revs limited to 2500 in park/neutral

    Hi guys. Do mercedes implement a rev limiter system when the car is in park/neutral? I tried to rev my car today (a200 diesel auto 2014) when in park and neutral and it would stop at 2500 each time Is this a safety feature? Or is my car in limp mode‽ It revs normally when driving.. Thanks guys
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    A Class A200 AMG

    Hi all, I wanted to find out if there is any way to turn on the parking sensor sound on the A200 AMG 2016. I just purchased this car, I am loving it so far. When you put it into reverse the camera shows on the main screen however it only shows lines and the actual sound doesn't come on. I...

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