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    A220d 2017 - W176 / Auto - Steering lock?

    Hi, I'm pretty new to owning a Mercedes. Currently have an A220d W176. Still getting used to it and familiar with the car. The car has this keyless-go, oddly when I turn off the ignition and open the door the steering wheel does to lock (everything else however turns off, radio etc), previous...
  2. G

    Chirping gearbox

    Hi everyone. New to the website and new to Mercedes. I just bought a 1 year old a220 AMG line and I love it. One slight problem I have is that when putting the car in to sport mode I can hear a chirping noise when the auto gearbox downshifts?? Not when going up through the gears only going...
  3. K


    Hi there guys, iv recently bought a 2015 mercedes a class that doesnt come with electric seats, now iv got some a45 bucket seats that are electrically adjusted, they can be retrofitted but i just want to know where from, preferably somewhere closeish to the south and west yorkshire region...
  4. J

    A220 AMG 2014 Auto gear box problem.

    Hi I'm new to this forum and hoping I've posted in the right area. Have a problem that started yesterday, When pulling away in 1st the car seems to have a lul and is not changing gear quick enough then after a few seconds corrects itself and flies forward, mainly 1st, 2nd and third and then the...
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    A220 Boost pressure sensor location.

    Hi, just joined the forum. I have a fault on my car, the boost pressure sensor needs to be changed. Can someone tell me where this is located. Thanks alot for you help.
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    First time MB owner!

    Hi everyone Finally at a point I can buy a brand new car. Was dead set on the CLS but after a week of considering my options realised I wanted the CLA for wrong reasons (as it was huge and 'wow'). Actually went for the A class 220d Motorsport edition! It is such a funky car, perfect...
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    A220 Night Edition iPhone Control

    Hi I'm a new A220 owner and I found out when picking up my car that although I can sync via bluetooth, but I can't the hook the phone up and operate the music via the stereo, or get DAB channels. I'm being told that this can't be retro-fitted, can anyone let me know if this is true?? I...

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