1. B

    C230 W203 A/C regulation out - Blows hot air

    Hey guys!! Thank you for this great forum, read plenty of good tips to look after my beloved C230 W203 2.5L! Got recently an issue with the A/C regulation - I cannot figure where the problem lies.. (My car has the standard dual zone with the 2 knobs - not the digital climatronic one) Blowing...
  2. J

    W124 '95 E280: A/C Oddity!

    I have an odd thing going on with my DIAVIA dealer-fitted air con. Having had a new re-gas, to 850 Kg, the system now doesn't kick in as it should, with middle 'EC' button off and the A/C default being on. Instead, in order to start the compressor, I have to depress and light up the...
  3. S

    Air Con

    Hi all. I have a Mercedes Avantgarde C200. My really simple basic question - winter is here - should I leave my A/C on ?
  4. S

    W124 pressure switch change -

    Hello, Would changing the air conditioning pressure switch, part number A1248208310 mean opening the 'closed system' and loosing gas? I ask as I'd like to change this switch and suspect its an easy think to do, and just want to check with the experts. With best,
  5. J

    AirCon wont shut off

    I have this issue with my E200 Kompressor, 2001 year. The A/C control is not working. I switc off the a/c and it doesnt shut off. I switch off the car, i remove the key and the A/C is still on. I cant turn it off. Any suggestions?
  6. J

    '95 E280 4Spd Auto Estate: IR Remote Locking / A/C / Odds

    Hi all, Not posted for a while. Was waiting on MB parts and time-slots to tackle the tailgate lock barrel. Lock: Fitted today, much bigger job than the N/S door, but all good and (Eureka!), the second new IR key synchronised immediately as I had thought might be the case; so, fully working...
  7. J

    Heater Blower Problem

    Another problem with my W220, :shock::mad: When I turn the heater blower on you can hear the air blowing but only a tiny amount of air is coming out of the vents as though there is a pipe not joined up, you can hear the noise of the air blowing it seems to be coming from the passenger side...
  8. R

    ML 270 Rear Air Con A/C puff....

    Hi, Done a search of the forum, but could not find anything specific. My 2002 ML 270 CDi's air con works fine in the front, but the the air blown out of the rear vents even with the fan up full is little or no use at all. If I place my hands over the vents the air does come out of the...
  9. E

    A/C Heater blower works only sometimes...

    The heater blower of my W124 E280 T works at times. Sometimes it doesn't work at all, but then when I turn off the ignition switch and back on again it blows fine (mostly on max speed). I have the EC type of heating so there is only a slow and fast mode and a button for AUTOMATIC mode. When it...

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