1. Razor Burns

    Hi, new member need support as going thru my 5th Mid-life crisis.. my mercedes 280ce

    Hi, Looking for any info to help me cure my ACCELERATOR / THROTTLE / STICKING ? and CABLE Advise. An image of the correct accelerator cable would be very helpful as I think previous owner has used cable from w124..
  2. Smaltze

    W210 raising self leveling system upwards

    Ive lowered my car a while back on recommended lowering springs and adjusted the self leveling by loosening the clamp on the sway bar. however when i did it i broke it and had to make a new clamp. It has worked and the SLS does work under load as it should. however the car does sit very very...
  3. S

    W124 steering box adjustment?

    Evening, Is the steering box adjustable on the W124s? My steering is a little slack and I wonder if it could be sorted, with the quick turn of a spanner or similar. I recall this was the case on W123s. Alternatively, how does a changing the steering box rate in terms of difficulty/...
  4. T

    SL55 AMG roof leak

    Hi, I have a small issue of a water leak on my R230. I know these roofs can be adjusted, just wondering if anyone has instructions on how it is done. Also, I get excessive noise in the cabin at 80mph+ (on the track of course:cool:). I don't think the seals needs replacing. Any help...
  5. B

    129 SL500 bonnet release cable adjustment

    I am hoping that you more knowledgeable than I can offer me some advice. I have a late 1995 SL500 192. The bonnet has become increasingly hard to get both bonnet latches to lock at the same time. I have just noticed that the bonnet release cable appears to be a relative new replacement that...
  6. L

    W245 B180 CDI Handbrake Adjustment

    Hi fellow Mercedes owners! I have a question for our more mechanically experienced friends: How is the hand brake adjusted on a W245? Is it on the callipers or is it under the car somewhere? Any guidance would be gratefully received!! Many thanks, Dave
  7. T

    W202 Park Brake Query

    Hi guys! The park brake in my 1998 C250 Sport hasn't worked since I bought it. While the car was at an Indy getting the clear fuel lines changed I asked the mechanic to have a look at the mechanism and see if it needed adjusted. He told me that one of the cables had stretched to the point...

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