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  1. A

    B0001-13 airbag squib open circuit

    Hi there I have a 2014 Mercedes ML350 4matic and the airbag light came on and on the dash was saying left front driver airbag malfunction Checked with OBD scanner and it showed B0001-13 the squib for the driver airbag (stage1) has a malfunction. There is an open circuit - stored Any help?
  2. Benny Dub

    Second Hand Airbag Control Unit (airbag ecu)?

    Evening chaps, well following my woes with trying to get any decent information out of my local MOT station after my W203 failed on the SRS warning light, I've actually now got some useful information thanks to the awesome guys at ACG Auto Repairs Ltd in Cheltenham. Basically, the airbag ecu...
  3. G

    2003 W220 SRS fault Drivers Airbag code 9103

    Hi I have a problem with my car fault code 9103 resistance to high at drivers airbag squib. Its not the clock spring as that has being replaced. Have read there are repair looms for other models but have not seen one for the W220. Are they generic? Anyone else have this problem? Regards
  4. bertg

    B Class W246 Airbag Fault.

    A warning popped up last week telling me that's there's a Right Hand Side Malfunction!! Booked in for tomorrow morning at MB Croydon, let's see how we get on!! :(
  5. B

    SL R230 - SRS, Wiper, Comand / Command, Roll Bar, Airbag Light, Clicking

    I have a 2006 SL350 and reasonably regularily, the SRS light comes on along with a number of other faults. Usually, if the car has been standing for a number of hours (possibly overnight), it will be O.K. when started and run. If the car is then turned off and then on, the fault is likely to...
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