Second Hand Airbag Control Unit (airbag ecu)?

Benny Dub

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May 9, 2012
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Swindon, UK
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2003 C270 CDI Wagon
Evening chaps,

well following my woes with trying to get any decent information out of my local MOT station after my W203 failed on the SRS warning light, I've actually now got some useful information thanks to the awesome guys at ACG Auto Repairs Ltd in Cheltenham.

Basically, the airbag ecu is almost certainly faulty - everything else looks ok (ish) but it's pretty much knackered.

Now I don't want to spend £1500 or so getting a new one fitted to a £1000 car, so what are my options?

I've read some conflicting information about using a second hand unit - is this possible? Are they plug and play or will they need coding to the car?

MOT has now run out so the car is parked up until I can get this fixed so any information would be much appreciated!


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