airbag ecu

  1. M

    B-class B180 , Year 2013, 1.8 Diesel Automatic

    Hi, Got B180 , B-class, 1.8 Diesel Automatic, It doesn't go in any gear, if I shift the stick to D it blinks red and go back to P mode, These are the errors it show, can anyone help ? Is it due to Front Passenger Seat car is not driving ? Or any other issue ? Please advice thanks
  2. Benny Dub

    Second Hand Airbag Control Unit (airbag ecu)?

    Evening chaps, well following my woes with trying to get any decent information out of my local MOT station after my W203 failed on the SRS warning light, I've actually now got some useful information thanks to the awesome guys at ACG Auto Repairs Ltd in Cheltenham. Basically, the airbag ecu...
  3. T

    Srs locked belts

    Hi guys Recently a car crashed into the back of my 2006 b class that I have now bought back off the inurance company. Minor damage needs rear bumper and boot. The srs light and airbag light are on and the seat belts are locked. How do I go about repairing the belts? Thanks Tim
  4. B

    Reset airbag message

    I have 2010 S212 E220 estate and had a tear in drivers seat repaired yesterday at a car upholsters. fixed the tear nicely but in taking the seat out they have set off an error message (along the lines of drivers air bag faulty/malfunction). It appears all the cables have been clicked in...
  5. H

    SRS Airbag Sensor - Crash Data reset

    Hello to All Members, I spend a lot of time reading about this issue, but I’m still very confused. I wonder if anyone here has a practical experience in the matter. I recently purchased W220 320CDI (2005) which was involved in an accident. Two side and roof air bags were deployed as well as...

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