1. K

    SRS Warning Light (w245, 2009, b150)

    Hi, I have a Mercedes Benz W245 (year 2009). I had an ELV (or Electronic Steering Lock) issue recently and hence ended up disassembling part of the steering wheel (I only realised later that I didn't need to disassemble the steering column to remove the ELV, because my ELV was in an unlocked...
  2. SamF

    The Squib for pelvis airbag ‘driver’ has a malfunction. There is a short circuit to ground.

    Hello everyone, just joined, first post. If anyone can shed some light for me I’d be so grateful! SRS light came in, independent mechanic changed seatbelt tension era and a bunch of other things. Got the light off for a few weeks. He unplugged and reconnected under the seat and cleared the...
  3. N

    Front right malfunction: Drivers SRS/Airbag

    Hi all. Had my car for over a year now but had not driven it a great deal in the year. Infact i only covered 247 miles. My battery went flat over the winter months and recently i have had it on a ctek charger that has restored the battery enough that the car starts fine. Anyhow i had the car...
  4. moj91

    W211 SRS question

    We have a W211 E220 CDi estate with the dreaded SRS light on atm. Icarsoft points to the NS sensor on the front bumper impact bar (i know, a proper STAR read is needed :P ) As its the pita one to get to of the two we cant check the cable continuity/clean the contacts to see if that rectifies...
  5. Benny Dub

    Second Hand Airbag Control Unit (airbag ecu)?

    Evening chaps, well following my woes with trying to get any decent information out of my local MOT station after my W203 failed on the SRS warning light, I've actually now got some useful information thanks to the awesome guys at ACG Auto Repairs Ltd in Cheltenham. Basically, the airbag ecu...
  6. Benny Dub

    W203 SRS Warning Light - Loose Connectors Under Seat?

    Afternoon All, The SRS light has been on in my S203 C270 since we bought it about 6 months ago. Well MOT time is here so I should probably have a look. My fiance's MG ZR has almost continuous SRS issues due to the crappy connectors under the seats coming loose - give them a wiggle, or tape...
  7. M

    SRS warning message

    Hi all, Getting a few things sorted on my new to me, SL500. It's a 2005 model. The seat lumbar support didn't work for either seat. Having researched on here, removed drivers seat, found broken air pipe, repaired! In the process, I did switch ignition on to check if I had air from the pipe...
  8. T

    Srs locked belts

    Hi guys Recently a car crashed into the back of my 2006 b class that I have now bought back off the inurance company. Minor damage needs rear bumper and boot. The srs light and airbag light are on and the seat belts are locked. How do I go about repairing the belts? Thanks Tim
  9. H

    SRS restraint system malfunction light

    Hi I have the message SRS restraint system malfunction consult workshop. my local mechanic says I need the bit of the seatbelt that the belt clips into (the buckle). where would I buy a new one of these & can you just buy the black plastic switch bit? thanks
  10. S

    Fitting an Emulator for SRS on Mercedes C320

    Hi I have a Mercedes benz C320 and it has been modified inside as an AMG (such as the seats and steering wheel etc) However the AMG seats that are installed have more airbags than the previous seats and this has caused the SRS light to stay on continously. I have read online that this...
  11. G

    2003 W220 SRS fault Drivers Airbag code 9103

    Hi I have a problem with my car fault code 9103 resistance to high at drivers airbag squib. Its not the clock spring as that has being replaced. Have read there are repair looms for other models but have not seen one for the W220. Are they generic? Anyone else have this problem? Regards
  12. J

    My Seatbelt Cartridge fired!

    Hello pals. I'm not sure if this thread is in the right place? I had a big shock yesterday. I drove very slowly over a high kerb on my left to get round a parked truck on my right, something caught underneath (to the left side) and scraped, and then my seatbelt cartridge fired! The...
  13. A

    Where and What are the Connectors for the Front Passenger seat on an A Class 2005?

    Hi Would anyone be able to help me with details of where I find and how I check the connectors on the passenger occupation seat. I have the dreaded SRS sign and Computer read out says its the sensor pad but I believe it maybe the connectors. However I dont know what Im looking for or how...
  14. H

    W203 facelift light sensor/srs problem

    Hi everyone! First time poster, long time reader (a few months) here. I finally picked up my 2005 220cdi estate a few weeks ago and otherthan the following issues have been extremely pleased with the car… On a few of the colder mornings (I live in Finland) I've noticed the light sensor...
  15. B

    SL R230 - SRS, Wiper, Comand / Command, Roll Bar, Airbag Light, Clicking

    I have a 2006 SL350 and reasonably regularily, the SRS light comes on along with a number of other faults. Usually, if the car has been standing for a number of hours (possibly overnight), it will be O.K. when started and run. If the car is then turned off and then on, the fault is likely to...
  16. Hankiss

    SRS Airbag Sensor - Crash Data reset

    Hello to All Members, I spend a lot of time reading about this issue, but I’m still very confused. I wonder if anyone here has a practical experience in the matter. I recently purchased W220 320CDI (2005) which was involved in an accident. Two side and roof air bags were deployed as well as...
  17. R

    Intermittent SRS light still comes on after repair.

    Hi folks, I've had a 1994 LHD W463.321 G350 Turbo Diesel for 14 years. It has been very reliable except I have had an intermittent fault with the SRS (single driver's airbag) already for many years now. Sometimes the SRS light stays off for months, sometimes only for hours. Always the...
  18. Z

    C200 Kompressor Issues

    We have a C200 Coupe Kompressor (03 plate) First problem is the Dash is alerting to a SRS Failure (Air bag and Seatbelt Explosives?) Is there any things we can try to see whats causing the fault? We tried a Free Diagnostic On it (digimoto) but didnt find a fault with it Is it a case of a fault...
  19. J

    The Woes of my C Class Coupe 230k

    Hi there, I have my C Class Coupe for a while now. Year: 2001 Mileage:66000 Location: West Midlands The problem started when my hydraulic pump went and was replaced in December 2009. The computer started flashing SRS restraint system visit the workshop. I took it back to the...

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