1. cosmictom

    CLK 240 2005 (C209) Steering Wheel Airbag Replacement (potential safety problem)

    Hi all Second post here! My first one was in relation to aftermarket air filters and I have gone ahead with 2xRamAir filters (I can say, the car does sound more angry) but I also after an aftermarket exhaust. Anyhow, had not-so-bad collision in February. Took me 3 months to save up to get all...
  2. K

    SRS Warning Light (w245, 2009, b150)

    Hi, I have a Mercedes Benz W245 (year 2009). I had an ELV (or Electronic Steering Lock) issue recently and hence ended up disassembling part of the steering wheel (I only realised later that I didn't need to disassemble the steering column to remove the ELV, because my ELV was in an unlocked...
  3. S

    W447 Vito 2016 Airbag Squib Pyro

    Hi i have a 2016 w447 vito I have just bought this Airbag light is on realised today that the squib was cut off and missing from the pyro in the pre fuse box, Does anyone know would any squib end fit or even a number for harness thanks. - Error code brought pyro squib missing I have also a...
  4. Benny Dub

    W203 SRS Warning Light - Loose Connectors Under Seat?

    Afternoon All, The SRS light has been on in my S203 C270 since we bought it about 6 months ago. Well MOT time is here so I should probably have a look. My fiance's MG ZR has almost continuous SRS issues due to the crappy connectors under the seats coming loose - give them a wiggle, or tape...
  5. M

    SRS warning message

    Hi all, Getting a few things sorted on my new to me, SL500. It's a 2005 model. The seat lumbar support didn't work for either seat. Having researched on here, removed drivers seat, found broken air pipe, repaired! In the process, I did switch ignition on to check if I had air from the pipe...
  6. D


    Hello I'm new here and I need your help please Just got my A180 urban car and I want to put my baby next to me in his baby seat.. However they told me at the Mercedes company that I need a Mercedes baby seat and then it unables the airbag automaticly. They said I can try another kind of seat...
  7. M

    w202 (1999 c180) Airbag Code reset -how ?

    I have replaced the drivers door and airbag. Now the airbag light stays on all the time. I gather I am meant to buy a coder unit to reset this. I had a look on eBay, but all the ones I could find had a small semi-rectangular plug but the car has a big round (~2") socket with about 30...
  8. M

    B1037 error, need whole new airbag?

    I received a B1037 error on a 2004 Mercedes CLK 500. Shop says that it requires an entirely new airbag ($2K) a new harness ($400) plus $400 in labor. So a $3K job. Does this sound right? Would love some advice. Thank you very much for replying.
  9. M

    sl320 w129 door panel and air bag or airbag

    I've seen a couple of guides, e.g. on Youtube, about removing a Merc interior door panel, and they don't seem to worry about the airbag. Maybe on a sedan it's in the pillar or headliner. But in my sl I assume the side airbag is in the door. Am I right, and are there any precautions that need to...
  10. R

    Intermittent SRS light still comes on after repair.

    Hi folks, I've had a 1994 LHD W463.321 G350 Turbo Diesel for 14 years. It has been very reliable except I have had an intermittent fault with the SRS (single driver's airbag) already for many years now. Sometimes the SRS light stays off for months, sometimes only for hours. Always the...
  11. J

    r230 replacement steering wheel

    Hi, new to this forum but hoping someone can asnwer my query. I have a 2004 SL350 bought from new but I couldn't afford the upgraded wood steering wheel. Having bought one from ebay, I now have the worry that the part may not be compatible with my vehicle. I am about to send it to a workshop to...

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