1. R

    [Spares] 124 8 hole alloys

    Hello Folks, I've swapped out my alloys on my 124 cabriolet as part of it's restoration. They are all in very good condition, a few chips but no major dings or scuffs. I've got them on the bay but willing to do a deal for a forum member...
  2. Janchee

    W213 E220d estate - AMG19 to Se 17?

    Hi all In a previous thread; I hit a pothole 4 weeks back and a second garage has confirmed that there is a crack in my NSR alloy. Situation is that I would most like have to replace both alloy and tyre (garage saying this if impact has caused alloy to crack, can’t see damage easily within...
  3. D

    Alloy Engineers in Nottingham (awesome)

    I always keep my stuff pristine and have been using the common and expensive TWS/The Wheel Specialist for a few years. Their price is high but, colour options and turn is good compared to a few little independents I have used also. However, I came across another company, Alloy Engineers in...
  4. L

    [Wanted] 18" Alloys for S-Class W221

    Looking at changing current 20" alloys for 18". Before buying new, I thought I'd see if anyone here is selling any.
  5. S

    For Sale Set of four 16" alloy wheels with tyres for Mercedes-Benz SLK230 R170

    Set of four original Mercedes-Benz alloy wheels in excellent condition. Powder coat refurbished with no kerbing or corrosion. Complete with quality brand Pirelli / Dunlop tyres. Tyres are partly worn but still have some life in them. Staggered 16 inch wheels: Front: Wheels: 7J Tyres...
  6. R

    Help! Replacement for replica 20" AMG alloy

    Hi, I'm new to this forum having purchased a W204 C63 about a year ago but having a bit of a drama.... It has what look to be 20" AMG 16 spoke alloys on it but I had a puncture and, due to the low profile of the tyre, the alloy wheel cracked before I could get the spare on. The problem...
  7. A

    [Wanted] r129 amg split rim needed!

    Hi! I'm after a rear 10J R129 2 piece AMG spilt rim!! if anyone has any knowledge of who is selling any or even as a pair I would like to know! thanks
  8. BAD Arrows

    [Spares] Mercedes W204 C Class Alloys For Sale

    Hi everyone, I'm selling some W204 C class Sport alloys. I've attached a link to the advert below. Thanks. Colin
  9. BAD Arrows

    [Spares] Mercedes CLS alloys for sale

    Hi everyone, I'm selling some CLS alloys. The ad can be found at the link below. Thanks. Colin
  10. zedmeister

    Brabus wheels

    I am about to buy some Brabus alloys for my CLS and wanted some opinions. First of all, do you think Monoblock V will suit the car? Next they are 18" (8.5 front and 9.5 rear) - will that be enough (I currently have the 17" on my car). The offsets are ET35 - will I need spacers or will...
  11. 3

    [Spares] FS: Set of rare 15" Centra Bundts / Baroque / Mexican hat alloy wheels

    Hi there, I have a really beautiful full set of Centra 15" Bundts for sale. They measure 15x7 ET23. We all know how rare these wheels are and the only reason I'm selling is that I originally wanted a set of 15" ATS Bundts and was lucky enough to find them recently. Nothing wrong with the...
  12. K

    [Wanted] Single Front W204 AMG Type IV 17" Alloy

    I need a replacement 17" AMG Type IV Front alloy wheel, mine is destroyed. This is the one as used on the current C-Class sport models, which is 6 twin spoke design. For a picture see here Needs to be in reasonable condition and with the polished front spokes. Thanks, K.
  13. R

    Rim Metal - some basic info needed!

    Hello All! I have two sets for my W140 S500 1996 - one original MB 16" and the other 18". Just don't know which metal and quoting and finish etc etc these have. The wheel cleaning/polishing products and literature keep mentioning descriptions like Mag, Aluminum, anodized, clear quoted...
  14. olivier_wery

    Are these official Merc Wheels? and if so...

    Hi all, Can you let me know if you recognize these wheels as being official Mercs? Reason I am asking is that, there's a locking bolt on these.... and I don't have the key to unlock them... Apparently if there are official Mercs, a dealer would have a master key... if not... then it's the...
  15. F

    [Wanted] W168 alloy wheels

    hey guys, iv got an a140 in desperate need of some big shiny alloys, preferably 16/17 inch to make an impact from the 15" steel wheels with covers it's got on, tbh i'm in a situation of whether to really spend some money on it or sell it so any help would be appreciated, and any photos if you...
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