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  1. A

    Please help me understand factory brake options for C Class

    Hi all, I'm hoping to buy a c class w205 in the next few weeks second hand It would be my first merc and not really savy with what comes with each spec level I would like the best factory brakes, what trim would I need to choose which has them, please? I'm thinking of a C250d AMG line premium...
  2. C

    Active Brake Assist Limited Functions

    I’ve just bought a write off A-Class A160 AMG Line and it only has fairly light damage, however, the emergency braking radar looks knackered. Does anyone have any idea if I can just buy a new/second hand one and just plug it in and it’d work, or would it have to be programmed to the car. Cheers.
  3. L

    W212 E350 BlueEfficiency 265 remap GAD Tuning LTD. Off to @GAD Tuning LTD on the 12th for a remap. Driving 4 hours each way from Barnsley because I’ve been told by multiple sources that they’re the best there is when it comes to Mercedes tuning. Nobody comes close to matching their figures. Can not wait to go and...
  4. M

    Mercedes C Class AMG Line Wheels

    Hi All, I am likely going to be purchasing a Mercedes C Class C200d AMG Line within the next week, however I would be looking to change its alloys from the 5 point star type, to the 14 point turbine style. The current alloys are 18" and the majority of the alloys that I have found in the...
  5. T

    C220 bluetec AMG Line anyone done high mileage

    Hi everyone. I have an opportunity to buy a soon to be ex lease, late 2014 C220 Bluetec Manual AMG Line saloon. 70k miles. Although the mileage is pretty high, I know the owner and the car has been carefully driven on mostly A road and motorway, well looked after both inside and out. I realise...
  6. G

    Quick hello from Ireland

    Hi folks, My name is Gary Just took the plunge last week and picked up a 2012 E250 diesel, Blue-Efficiency with the AMG pack My first expensive car purchase (all relative, I know) but I decided recently that I wasn't going back to motorbikes so this was my treat to myself. Loving the car...
  7. GAD Tuning LTD

    Mercedes C250 Bluetec AMG Line Remapping!!!

    We have had a few of these in now! Very nice cars indeed! They are like a baby S Class on the inside! Very nicely spec'd indeed. Styling is greatly improved over the 204 in my opinion and also I feel handling is better also! Feel more of a connection to the road. This little beast runs the...

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