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    W212 GPS Antenna (Convertible)

    Hello, New to this forum so apologies if I've posted this in the wrong section. A month ago my W212 cabriolet's Satnav showed my location way off. I'm in Essex and it was showing up somewhere in wales so a good 300 miles off. Doing some research it looks like the GPS antenna has gone maybe? I've...
  2. G

    E350 (A207) Central locking radio antenna fuse keeps blowing

    I have a 2013 E350 convertable and the central locking will not work via the radio signal allthough the IR is working fine. I have changed the fuse and it has failed again very quickly. My Guess is that there is a connection problem with the central locking radio antenna. Can anyone advise:-...
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    Antenna Amplifier Location

    Hi, I have been having problems with my central locking. The IR works with both keys if I hold close to the sensor but nothing from a distance. I have checked the anntena amp fuse and its fine so I want to check the anntena amplifier itself. Does anyone know where it is located? inside the...
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    New antenna install - old car - worth getting a DAB for future proofing?

    Hello I've had a great deal of trouble with my roof mounted antenna since about last year. I think its time for a replacement now, and instead of simply swapping the mast, I think a new cable is in order. I've been told that a good quality antenna will come with a matched cable - and in order...
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    1972 350sl front antenna

    Hi The automatic antenna on my 1972 350sl (R107) has been misbehaving. It continues to try to wind down the aerial after it is fully down - resulting in a flat battery. I've disconnected it from the Becker head unit for now but does anyone know how to get at the antenna? It's situated on the...
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    S350 Comand antenna £380!!!

    My 2003 S350 sat nav thinks I am in Durham when I am in Lancashire. I am informed that I need a new antenna and the price is £380 fitted. Can I obtain one and are they easy to fit? Where is the sat nav unit located in the car? Any help? Brian
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    problems fitting bee sting aerial to W168

    hey, having a few problems fitting this to my A class w168, the bee sting aerial unit is being stopped from going on by a metal unit underneath the aerial which had a screw inside (which i removed), where i gather the screw provided in the pack goes, but the screw isnt long enough and the aerial...

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