1. M

    W220 Keyless Remote Not Working

    I have bought W220, 2001, S500 last week. It have 165k Kilometers on the clock and works perfectly fine beside only one issue. It does not lock or unlock from the key. I have to align the key to the door handle to get it lock/unlock. I got the car scanned but there were no errors displayed. I...
  2. H

    W212 GPS Antenna (Convertible)

    Hello, New to this forum so apologies if I've posted this in the wrong section. A month ago my W212 cabriolet's Satnav showed my location way off. I'm in Essex and it was showing up somewhere in wales so a good 300 miles off. Doing some research it looks like the GPS antenna has gone maybe? I've...
  3. G

    E350 (A207) Central locking radio antenna fuse keeps blowing

    I have a 2013 E350 convertable and the central locking will not work via the radio signal allthough the IR is working fine. I have changed the fuse and it has failed again very quickly. My Guess is that there is a connection problem with the central locking radio antenna. Can anyone advise:-...
  4. S

    Antenna Amplifier Location

    Hi, I have been having problems with my central locking. The IR works with both keys if I hold close to the sensor but nothing from a distance. I have checked the anntena amp fuse and its fine so I want to check the anntena amplifier itself. Does anyone know where it is located? inside the...
  5. S

    New antenna install - old car - worth getting a DAB for future proofing?

    Hello I've had a great deal of trouble with my roof mounted antenna since about last year. I think its time for a replacement now, and instead of simply swapping the mast, I think a new cable is in order. I've been told that a good quality antenna will come with a matched cable - and in order...
  6. A

    1972 350sl front antenna

    Hi The automatic antenna on my 1972 350sl (R107) has been misbehaving. It continues to try to wind down the aerial after it is fully down - resulting in a flat battery. I've disconnected it from the Becker head unit for now but does anyone know how to get at the antenna? It's situated on the...
  7. P

    S350 Comand antenna £380!!!

    My 2003 S350 sat nav thinks I am in Durham when I am in Lancashire. I am informed that I need a new antenna and the price is £380 fitted. Can I obtain one and are they easy to fit? Where is the sat nav unit located in the car? Any help? Brian
  8. F

    problems fitting bee sting aerial to W168

    hey, having a few problems fitting this to my A class w168, the bee sting aerial unit is being stopped from going on by a metal unit underneath the aerial which had a screw inside (which i removed), where i gather the screw provided in the pack goes, but the screw isnt long enough and the aerial...

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