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    Mercedes S600 W140 ( Problem ASR )

    Hello, So I have a Mercedes S600 W140 coupe from 1995, which has been stationary for a while because of a rather painful problem, therefore ASR problem, after several diagnostics I decide to replace the two butterfly boxes (Driver and Passenger), I now have new fault codes and still the ASR...
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    560 sec changed on kickdown but no power

    Hi, Hopefully someone can assist: My 560sec is lacking power. Now, it has stood for 7 years and i am only 300 miles in to blowing the cobwebs out of it and this includes using fuel additive to clean the injectors but she is v sluggish and on kickdown, she changes gear but then just hangs there...
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    W210 abs bas esp warning lights

    Hi folks - I know this topic is a perennial bug... please bear with me. 2002 E2320CDI estate (if it matters) started a few months ago bringing on the abs, bas and esp warning along with the bulb fail warning. Fixed by bending the fuse tabs to make better contact. Hurrah. Then it comes back...
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    W202 C240 ABS/ASR issues....

    Afternoon all! I've had some 40,000 miles of trouble free (within reason) driving until now. About 6 weeks ago, I got in & turned on the ignition - she fired up but the ASR/ABS warning light stayed on. Scratch head, press the ASR button on dash - lights remain on. Turn off, key out, try...
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    BAS warning on 1999 e300td

    hi, I'm looking for advice on dealing with this error code. I have seen a utube that claims the brake light switch is the probable cause or possibly the wheel speed sensors, but I don't have an abs light on.:confused: would be greatful for any help V K Regards Matt
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    No ASR or BAS - Where to start?

    Out of the blue, as ever, the dash lit up with ASR and then BAS (skid control/cruise control), neither of which now work- but which have been faultless and used almost every day. Does anyone know of a simple place to start my process of elimination?
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    ABS AND BAS-ASR light on dashboard

    Hello everyone, the abs and BAS/asl light is on in the dashboard, most of the time they stay on with no trouble, but when they turn off it feels funny with the breaking and it will turn back on. I have a ASR switch which does not turn that light off. Obviously something ain't right, I have a mot...
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    W210 Cruise Control and BAS ASR promlem

    The BAS ASR warning lamp came on when I pressed the brake peddle and has remained on since, then when on the motorway I noticed the cruise control no longer works, however the limiter does....on startup I get BAS and ASR alerts I've checked all the fuses, any suggestions? Thx
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    1992 500SL ABS/ASR Light on

    Hi, I acquired this car last year and it had the following fault; the ABS and ASR lights are on permanently. In the boot was a rear wheel speed sensor the garage I purchased it from had let me have the car at a discount as they had mentioned this fault and said the sensor just needs changing...
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    W124 ASR light comes on and car slows down...

    Today while driving away from the house (w124 E280T, 1994, automatic) my ASR light came, not the warning light in the middle of the speedo but the one on the right side in the row of lights. From that moment on the engine didn't rev up anymore. This continued until I turned the engine off and...
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    BAS/ASR and ABS Warning Lights

    I replaced the brake light switch last week, so now that BAS/ASR light doesn't stay on permanently after pressing the brake pedal. However, I'm still seeing the BAS/ASR and ABS warning lights coming on together intermittently. I read somewhere here that I could have a faulty ABS sensor on one...
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