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  1. M

    Gearbox advice

    Hi All, The gearbox has finally given up on my automatic 07 C220 CDI sports edition 5 door estate. I believe it is a 7.226 gearbox. Does anyone know of anyone reputable who supplies quality replacements? I would prefer to go through someone recommended rather than take a chance with ebay. Any...
  2. Bini

    Autobox Stalls when cold

    Hello all, I have E250 Coupe, 2011 and have had an ongoing issue since i bought the car which is the car stalls when put into gear when cold. On a warm day its fine, once past the initial start its perfect, no issues at all. I first got the gear box serviced, still remained, then the torque...
  3. G

    ML 270 CDI 2001 auto, sticks in park, fault code B1716

    With the ML, I'm getting an intermittent problem with the auto stick getting stuck in park and I have to use the pen trick. The readout on the display is always correct and the truck has no other faults. The fault code appears to be "B1716, module N41 ATA, indoor protection/gradient sensor...
  4. ThPadd

    W203 C220 Auto Box issue, easy change

    Okay guys I have been hunting online for the answer to this, but not found the answers, so any relevant experience appreciated. I have had my 06 C220 for a couple of years now and after sorting out various issues (track rod arm, front discs, tyres, unlocking), I now have just 2 niggles that...
  5. F

    W204 250 AMG Auto Box Jumping into Manual Mode on its own

    Can anyone help please? I have just bought my first Mercedes, a 2011 W204 250 C Class Estate (Facelift model) with7 speed auto box. I have had it about 3 months and sometimes I find that the when slowing and stopping that when I pull away again that the auto box has swapped into Manual mode on...
  6. B

    B180 automatic

    Hi everyone. I am new to this forum although probably will be a regular. Was wondering if anyone could tell me the following; I am about to change the gear oil in my auto box on the 2009 B180. Was wondering if anyone had done this and what size dip stick kit do I need to purchase.
  7. T

    Mercedes sprinter sprinshift transmission?

    Mercedes sprinter sprinshift transmission? My 2005 311cdi sprinter wont select any gear it just stays in Neutral. The transmission I think is called a sprintshift which is a manual gearbox that changes automatically by selecting gear up and down only and has a Auto option as well. I hope...
  8. P

    c200 sport gearbox??

    Just bought a 1998 2 ltr c200 sport with engine code111945, acording to the Haynes book of lies, it should have auto trans number 722.4 but appears to have a 722.6. Is this because its the sport model?. anyway that helps as my car will not change up from first gear, after removing the sump and...
  9. C

    e280 rattle from auto transmission

    Hi This is my first post on any forum, so please forgive me if I've broken any un written rules! A few months ago I bought a 1999 E280 auto, I believe it's a W211, due to a broken wrist. My plan was to run it until my cast came off, then go back to my beloved Land Rovers. But I liked it so...
  10. C

    Want to buy a C220 CDI Coupe Need Advice

    Hi, i'm 24 now and looking to upgrade from my small Polo to a Merc. My dads always had mercs as has my grandad and i'm overly attracted to the c class coupe evo panorama auto. The reason i want a diesel is i've got a new job which will see me doing a 60 mile round trip every day (90%...
  11. D

    Autobox noise

    Hi guys. When I put the car in drive with my foot on the brake the car makes a creaking noise it isnt the brakes as I first thought. Also when changing up the box sometimes feels like its hesitating and slipping then it pops into gear ok. Car is a 1997 c200. Starting to worry bout this so any...
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