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    W212 E250 Petrol Auto Transmission Downshift Clunk

    Hi all, I'm having an intermittent issue with my W212 E250, 60k mileage 2013, petrol auto. When motorway driving - if I put my foot down the transmission would downshift from gear 7 to say gear 5.... now just before gear 5 engages sometimes the transmission would clunk and cause the car to...
  2. N

    Viano 2007 2.1d Auto Box Issue help needed please

    Hello, This is my first post and I'd be really grateful for some advice on a problem with my Viano Automatic. It was working fine, until the next morning when driving off it wouldn't change out of first gear. It selects reverse fine, and putting it into drive it moved off but doesn't change up...
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    A180 CDI Alternator causing Transmission problems?

    I have an A180 CDI Avantgarde 2005 (automatic). Have been driving it for 1 1/2 months without any problems. Last weekend I got the alternator error on the dashboard and drove it to the local garage. It appears now that the car won't move at all as there is a transmission problem. Can an...
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    Mercedes CLA parts for sale- 2013-2017 Automatic Gearbox Petrol CLA180

    Hi i have for sale an Automatic Gearbox that has recently been removed from a CLA180 Petrol 2015 the gearbox has only covered 17250 miles Part no : A2463702703 ZGS 001 i have pictures and viewing is available if you require any more information please message me for more details i am new...
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    61 Plate C Class Automatic Gear Box Change Delay

    Hi All, New here and looking for some help/advice if possible. I'm a relatively new (Nov) owner of a 61 plate C Class Estate (C220 Sport) with Auto Gear Box. In late Jan, the car went in for a Service (Local independent well respected garage); I was aware that it was due for the...
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    Error 0894; CVT replacement part?

    So my 2006 B180 CDi staggered and went into limp mode on Sunday, had it in a garage on Monday which came back with error 0894 off the diagnostics. It's not clear what exactly needs to be done but I've heard CVT belt replacement off Mercedes for £300, valve body replacement off someone else for...
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    V220 2.2cdi Auto Gearbox ECU location

    Hi, Can anyone advise on where the automatic gearbox ECU is to be found on my V220. Also I'm trying to find instructions for how to remove the gearbox as well. Problem is gearbox stays in neutral - any ideas? Thanks James PS: Does anyone in Herts have a Star set up?

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