1. Kallanberg

    Just in the door.

    Just want to say G'day! Have just joined the forum and the owner of a 2005 B200 for a great many moons now and thought it would be good to finally join a Mercedes Benz forum of distinction. Though the B200 is an oldie she drives wonderfully and is kept tip-top by a friend who by chance is a...
  2. B

    B200 Pre Safe Functions Limited?

    Hi new to the forum, I've recently been having an issue with my B200 13 reg. The below has happened twice now on the drive to work. Sudden appearance of Pre Safe Functions Limited warning on display. Parking brake amber warning symbol. ABS amber warning symbol. Run flat indicator...
  3. R

    Mercedes W245 B200 Turbo Power Steering Issues

    Hi Gents, 1st things 1st, a very Happy New Year to you all!! Im having an intermittent issue with the B200. Sometimes when idle the power steering seems to make a very strange grinding rattling noise. Sometimes you can see the steering wheel on its own slightly. Now as its intermittent i took...
  4. R

    B200 W245 ashtray light

    Hi guys, Anyone know how to change the bulb. I see the white panel where the bulb I assume sits but how do you change the bulb?
  5. Wheel

    Returning to the fold (yet again!)

    Well, I've done it. I've bought a 2012 Mercedes B200 Sport auto! Pick it up tomorrow. So that's my 3rd Benz now (or 5th if Smart counts!). My old B160 which I got rid of last year, was the old 1.5 petrol CVT, so bit of a slug. The B200 I'm getting has a bit more oomph, with a...
  6. S

    Transmission Malfunction Message (B200 Turbo)

    Hi there, This morning I drove to the mechanic for a wheel alignment, he did his thing and then when I went to start the car again, it wouldn't start. It turns out that the battery was dead - so I got it replaced. Now, I get an error message on the dash that says 'Transmission Malfunction -...
  7. gladholm

    B200 Pre Installation Mobile Universal

    Hello Everyone, I am about to get a B200, '06 Auto. New to me... The car has Audio 20 Radio/CD and Pre installation for Mobile, Universal. ( code 386 ) Does this mean I can connect via bluetooth a mobile phone and use the dash/steering controls to call, and save to memory? Can I also...
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