1. C

    Child Car Seat 2003 C-Class

    Hi Everyone, This is my first post since getting myself my first Mercedes. I like older retro cars, saw my 2003 C-Class and had to get it. My partner is 37 weeks pregnant and we have a car seat but haven't fitted it yet. I was wondering if anybody with a 2003 C-class c220 has ever fitted a...
  2. timgander

    C63 AMG Baby/child seats??

    Hi Guys, last September we took delivery of our C63 and although we did try the 'throw in a couple of MB seats for our impending twin grand-daughters' trick, the salesman didn't bite, (he knew we wanted the car regardless!) So the question is (and I know there have been previous references...
  3. B

    CLK with baby and two adults

    Hi! I am currently planning to buy a Mercedes CLK 200 2005. I have a concern: we are having a baby next Feb, and my parents are probably going to visit. Do you think that this model will fit 4 adults (me, my wife, my parents) and the baby??? Thanks, Bondok

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