1. GeoffB

    Windscreen Washers Stopped Spraying but Pump Still Runs

    I know there are a few existing posts about windscreen washer problems but I wanted to share my experience in the hope that others will search and find this useful. I prefer to do my own maintenance where possible and tried all the usual troubleshooting steps below when my Vito W447 front and...
  2. G

    Water in the driver's footwell inside a CLK350 W209 Convertible

    Hello all So for the first time in just over a year of owning my CLK350 i got in the car this morning to find a puddle of water inside the footwell just by the accelerator pedal. I believe the water leaked through the bonnet release lever but i am not 100% sure this is the case. Any...
  3. B

    Service advisory Blocked bulkhead drain

    Just been advised that my Bulkhead drains are blocked on E Class Cabriolet E220 CDI SE. Is this something that I can resolve myself or will I need to book the car in for Mercedes to sort out. Thanks in advance.
  4. rx6180

    Loads of carbon in oil filter cavity

    I changed my engine oil today and got a unwelcome surprise that I'd not seen before in 8 years of ownership of my W202 series C200. I'd drained the sump, then when I unscrewed the oil filter cap, oil came out over the top and ran down the engine. That chamber is normally near enough empty when I...

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