1. slchesterfield


    Hi. I can't seem to find any relevant thread where this problem has happened to anyone else (or it could be me not looking hard enough!). Anyway...the other day after pulling onto the drive the bonnet release handle that normally pokes out the front grill when the release handle is pulled was...
  2. B

    A45 AMG Bonet Badge Removal?

    Hi, Recently purchased a 2013 A45 AMG, just bought a few bits for it and one of which is the “AMG Affalterbach Bonet Badge”. Now the problem is removing the original Mercedes Badge as it’s not actually attached to the Bonet so can’t just open and release from underneath and also had the...
  3. adamh

    Bonnet replacement help needed W124

    I have just replaced my bonnet on my 300CE. Firstly I need to know at which angel should the hangers be pointing for the spring to connect to. It can only be straight down, towards rear or towards the front. The hangers have 3 "teeth" on them which gives you a choice for the spring to hook on...
  4. azimabdul1983

    active bonnet malfunction error message

    It has only been just over one week since I purchased my car (E200 CDi Sport, 2010 model), on the drive back I noticed that the washer fluid was empty. When I got home I opened the hood and filled up the washer fluid as normal. When I closed the bonnet the first time I noticed on the dash the...
  5. M

    Smoke from Bonnet and Front Passenger Side

    Occasionally when the engine has run some distance, smoke erupts unexpectedly from the bonnet and front passenger side. I suspect it's caused by over gauged oil from the auto gear box dropping on the hot exhaust at high speed. The side opening of the gear box was once opened by a mechanic who...
  6. C

    Bonnet latch snapped off

    Hi Sorry if this is in the wrong place. I was trying to top up screen wash but as I tried to open the bonnet with the lever that pops out after the bonnet is released from the inside, it snapped off. The lever that releases the bonnet on the inside of the car is working fine, but it's the...
  7. T

    R230- Replace Near Side Bonnet Hinge

    Hi, Has anyone changed a bonnet hinge on the R230? I've had one of the arms break on mine and wanted to change myself. May seem an easy fix but does anyone have any instructions on how best to do it. It looks like its riveted together so may need some professional tools. Any pointers happily...
  8. ProjexDesignUk

    Mercedes C Class W204 C63 / Black Edition Bonnet

    We have just completed another C Class w204 with our front bonnet conversion We are offering a C63 look with Black edition Vents for Standard C Class w204 car... as some of you are aware you can not fit the C63 bonnet to the Non AMG cars. This is a great solution and looks perfect...
  9. M

    How do I adjust my bonnet catches? R230 SL but I imagine other models are similar

    Since buying my SL 350 2003 last year I on occasions got the "bonnet open" message in the dash. Lifting the bonnet and dropping from a good 18-24" seemed to do the trick, (but not always). At this time I could find no evidence that either of the catches had in fact come undone. I assumed it was...
  10. B

    129 SL500 bonnet release cable adjustment

    I am hoping that you more knowledgeable than I can offer me some advice. I have a late 1995 SL500 192. The bonnet has become increasingly hard to get both bonnet latches to lock at the same time. I have just noticed that the bonnet release cable appears to be a relative new replacement that...
  11. P

    Broken Bonnet Catch - 1988 300SE

    Hello. I'm new here. Found the forum while looking for spares. I live in France. The bonnet catch on my 1988 (RHD) 300SE has given way. Not sure of the details, took it to my local garage (not Mercedes) and they will be 'ringing round' to find spares this-afternoon, but don't seem all that...
  12. S

    W123 Bonnet

    Hi, I need a replacement bonnet and rubber mounts for my 1985 280TE. I have tried Mercedes and the price is off the radar. Any idea where I could get a replacement?

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