1. Chris Marriott

    Sprinter Gear Change Issues....Is it this??

    Hi all, Having problems changing gears in my Sprinter 2010 313 CDI. They are all a bit grindy but going down into second is a right bugger, really have to jam it in. Reverse and 1st are not quite as bad but still pretty rubbish. So far changed the oil and made it a bit better. Next on the...
  2. A

    internal fuse box location c class

    I have a 2013 c class 220 estate. The interior fuse box should be under a plastic panel on the side of the dash by the A post. I have a slot but there is no fuse box??? Mercedes don't have an answer. Any clues???
  3. W

    W169 Auto box

    Morning, is it a DIY to check the oil level in a 2010 A150 Automatic? No real problem but recently when I take it out of the garage the first gear lever movement clunks as I move it backwards. After that everything is smooth no problems at all. Its just that one time from cold. When I say...
  4. R

    ML270 2002 - Stalls in Drive

    Morning, Will be going back to the Indie thisa afternoon, but.. Just collected it after having the Electro Plate replaced as the temp senso and speed sensors were showing faults.. Gear chages really nice and smoothe and changes at the right revs without issues now, and starts again...
  5. A

    W211 Glovebox door rattle

    Hi, There seems to be a rattle coming from the "door" to the Glove box on my 2004 W211. I think one of the plastic clips on the inside of the door has broken off and is now making an annoying noise as it falls left & right under moderate cornering. Can someone let me know how to gain...

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