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    New GLS brake lights

    I just got rear ended in my brand new 2020 GLS and the person said they never saw my brake lights so I thought I’d test them when I got home. I have to say I was far from impressed by the brightness of the brake lights. I assumed the massive lights on the tailgate would light up when braking...
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    Brake lights won't turn off?

    I have a 2012 Mercedes C Class Coupe, and the brake lights won't turn off. I had this problem about 2 months ago, but it was fixed by replacing the brake switch. Now, the brake lights have been temporarily staying on again. By temporarily I mean they'll be fine, then I'll turn on my car and...
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    Vito - high level center brake light

    The high level center brake light in my Vito 109 (2006/07)has stopped working. I've removed it, but it looks like it isn't designed to open to replace the lamps - I'm guessing they're LEDs. My worry is that LEDs basically last longer than the vehicle can be expected to last; so what are the...
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    CLC - Converting brakelights to LEDs

    all, Just got my first Mercedes (2008 CLC-beginner class!!!) and loving it... Seeking your pearls of wisdom, as I plan to replace the tungsten filament brake lights bulbs with LED (mainly as I hate changing bulbs!) I know they need to be Canbus compliant, and I believe the bulbs needed are...
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    Hi All, Just got my first Mercedes (2008 CLC - beginner class!!!) and loving it... wanted to say hello and how much i am enjoying stepping into a luxury world each day :-) also I've posted a question in "electronics section" about changing filament bulbs to LEDs... so any thoughts on that very...
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    No brake lights/cruise control

    Hi, hope someone has a fix for this issue with my 2001 SLK320. Problem started with BAS/ASP warning light coming on when braking, it goes out when I switch off and start again. I then noticed Cruise wasn't working (it's OK if I start and run without touching brake pedal) I was then 'advised' by...
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    CLK boot Brake Light Lens

    I had not had the best morning so far! My Shoe lace snapped when tying my shoes this morning and then I closed the boot of my 2004 240 CLK and the boot / brake light lens fell off. It had been cracked for a long time, but had sat there happily. Given the wet weather, I need to replace asap...
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    Sprinter Mystery Electrical Problems

    We have a 2002 Mercedes sprinter in my work with a couple of mystery electrical problem. The first one is that when the hazard warning lights are left on for no more the 5 minutes, the battery appears to drain. The second, which has just occurred recently is that the break lights do not light...

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