brake pads

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    Wanted - w176 brake caliper 330 x 22

    Evening all, I'm in the market for a new rear passenger side caliper piston unit as I broke mine trying to repair it Iv searched around and found a couple on ebay but the delivery isn't until around the 6th or 7th of January and I'm meant to head back to work on the 3rd. Motor doesn't have...
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    Soft Brake Pedal following disk and pad changes W212 estate 2015

    Just thought I'd post a note around an issue I created for myself. After swapping Brakes Pads and Disks all round, i had a soft brake pedal. Tried bleeding the brakes, same issue. Was driving me slightly nuts. Brakes stiffened if I pumped the pedal, anyway after more research I realised I'd put...
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    DIY - Seeking for Advice - Im on a mission to replace my brake disk and pads.

    Dear Merc Community, As i mentioned in the title; I would like to replace my brake disk and pads on my own. I have no past experience on being a mechanic, but I'm confident that with the help of Google, YouTube and Our Forum Community. I will be able to figure it out and do it all. Just a...
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    *2016 E63 AMG 5.5l Disks and Pads Options?*

    Hello all, I’m new to the forum and new to Mercedes ownership. I’ve always had BMWs and finally had my head turned by a stunning 2016 white E63 so took the plunge! Now I’ve loved driving it for the last 4 months. Today I’ve taken it in for its first MOT and brakes are advisory. Safe to say I...
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    Good pads for 64 plate c220d

    Hi, I need to replace all four pads on my merc' and was seeking some advice on what to buy and where to buy it from? Lastly, can you recommend any decent garages where I can get the pads changed in the Bradford area?
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    Brake Pads Brand

    Hi everyone, the brake pad wear sign appeared about a week ago on my car. Now this is the first Merc I've owned so I'm not completely sure about what brand I should be going with to replace them. Secondly, is there anyway of knowing if the sensor is for the front pads or rear pads. Finally...
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    Brake Pad Sensors

    I own a 2011 C180 W204 Auto estate and recently changed the brake pads because the wear indicator was on and they were well worn. I fitted front and rear sets 'Dephi' pads and found only the drivers side front was fitted with a wear sensor. Is this correct? I had bought four sensors assuming...
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    GL63 brake pads wearing out fast

    I know it's a big fast car but it's driven quite sensibly by my wife. The car is one and a half years old and has done 21,000 miles. I have had to replace rear brake pads twice and front once.not cheap! To be this seems strange?? It does a lot of short low speed journeys on school...
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    Help finding the ABS Wheel Sensors on W203 needed **Pics**

    Hi guys, I've got an ABS/ESP/BAS warning light on my car and have had this ever since I bought it 7 months ago. I've decided to have a look at the ABS wheel sensors to check if they're dirty and causing the warning light to come up after reading some threads on this in the past. I've...
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    2009 E320 Cdi Sport brake callipers

    The brake disc indicator warning on my E320 Cdi Sport is advising me that the brake pads are worn. I have had a price from my local MB dealer and an alternative price from a MB specialist which was half the price!!! Query is, there seems to be 2 options on the brake pads: either Brembo or...
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    Advice please

    Hello, My cluster just went the other day. It just went while I was driving. I took a Mercedes Service Station. I also knew my brake pads were wearing down as I got a warning signal two weeks ago.I posted it on this forum. However, the service station said that my disks were 99% worn and...

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