1. D

    Thinking of buying a W639 Vito, advice on engine versions and Auto vs Manual?

    Hello, It's been a while since I owned a MB, had a fantastic W201 190e and then a W203 which the ownership experience made me say I'll never buy another MB! Anyway I want to buy a van as a car replacement and part time camper and was looking at the Renault Trafic / Vauxhall Vivaro but one car...
  2. A

    W211 E320 Which one to buy?

    Hello! I'm interested in buying W211 with atleast 3.0 diesel engine. I want something powerful, but at the same time reliable. What are the common problems to check out when buying used merc? I've found one that I like but it got 400k km on it (248,5k miles). It's om648 150kw I6 diesel. Is that...
  3. H

    Hi - Potential CLS Owner

    I've been looking around this forum for a while and thought it was about time I introduced myself. After a lot of thought, I am on the lookout my first MB. Having been through various BMW and Audi's, I am looking at a CLS (W219). My current A6 goes at the end of June and quite looking...
  4. M

    Buying a Mercedes CLK200K Sport Coupe

    Hi I am interested in buying the model in the title and would like to know if a car I am looking at is genuine. This is because it seems cheaper than other cars which are similar. It is a 2005 clk sport model with fmbsh and 45k on the clock and is advertised by a private seller for £7,000. Thanks.
  5. 300SL

    Looking for an MB SL - R230

    I'm looking for an SL as I have always wanted one. I would love a new one, but they're too much money. What would you recommend engine wise and what sort of options should I be looking for (must-haves) and are there options to avoid. Before it is mentioned, I do not want the SL 350, the...
  6. M

    Buying my fist MB any advice welcome?

    Hello All, I am new to the forum and to MB, I am about to trade in my current car for a 2003 C180 Kompressor 1.8 auto Classic. (Estate) I have never owned a MB so this will be my first so I would appreciate some advice on what I should be checking prior to purchasing this car. It's from a...
  7. B

    190 Diesel buying advice

    Hi, Having sold my 230CE last year I'm looking to reaquaint myself with a Benz. I need a no nonsense daily driver and that means something a little newer this time. I have settled on a 190. Its likely to be a diesel (although also tempted by the 2.6 petrol!) I'm currently keeping my eyes...
  8. cozmo1589

    ML 270 CDi - Did i do well???????????

    Hi all, following on from advise given to me on here re buying an ML270CDi, today i committed to a purchase. Its a 2002 (02) in Black, unmarked bodywork, only 43,000 miles from new, 2 owners with full MBZ service history and all old MOT's to proove milage. Full sand coloured Leather interior...

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