c class coupe

  1. Dan Tanna

    4-Year-Old C Class Coupe Wiring Failure - Quoted £9,000!

    I have a 2016 C Class Coupe 250D AMG-Line Premium Plus, 30k miles. My boot stopped opening the other day - wouldn't open at all. Took it into Mercedes dealership (I have an extended warranty). They came back and said 11 wires on the left and 5 on the right were all broken. Extended warranty...
  2. Dan Tanna

    Servicing - Garage Recommendation needed in Hampshire PO Area

    I have a B Service due on my C Class Coupe 250 AMG Line Premium Plus (2016) and the main dealers in Portsmouth and Chichester want well over £500 to do it. Can anyone recommend a good garage around the Portsmouth, Waterlooville, Horndean, Petersfield, Chichester and surrounding areas who I can...
  3. M

    Rattling Noise. It’s driving me crazy!!

    There’s a noise which seems like it’s coming from underneath the car, this car is fairly new so I’m quite worried. Check out the video I’ve given the link to.. Any ideas ladies and gents?
  4. Davidsnell987


    Hello please can anyone help me!! Bought my Mercedes just over a year ago now all has been well, apart from the last couple months I have started to see that the paint is peeling away!!. The lacca seems to just keep peeling and peeling off. I have seen a lot of people with this issue online and...
  5. S

    C Class coupe auto braking

    Hi All Can someone please confirm what year auto emergency braking was introduced on the c class coupe? thanks in advance Steve
  6. A

    c class coupe oil filter size

    I have a 2003 1.8 coupe kompressor. I see there can be two sizes of oil filter available . How do I determine which one I need ?
  7. F


    I’ve recently purchased a 62reg C class coupe 250cdi amg sport plus (panoramic roof). I’m looking for the genuine Mercedes roof bars to suit. I’ve found a set on eBay that come off an e class coupe with the pano roof. Although the part number is not the Same, does anybody know if they’ll fit...
  8. S

    C250 Vs C300 MPG

    Hi everyone, I'm new here, so please go easy on me haha. I'm looking into purchasing a 2016 Mercedes C Class Coupe. Obviously what Mercedes tell you about MPG is normally far off real world performance. Does anyone own a C250 or C300 and could tell me what MPG you get please? Ideally i would...
  9. M

    2002 W203 200k screen demister issues

    Hi all. I have just become the owner of a 2002 c200k and am having some issues with the climate control system (base system with the rotating knobs). I know I definitely have a broken linkage on the footwell vent but somewhat more curious is the Screen demister. With the air control...
  10. C

    New C220 owner

    Hi everyone I've been a 'lurker' of this forum since I bought my first Mercedes back in December, so thought it was about time I registered and introduced myself! I took my car down to Devon last week and the weather was incredible, so took the opportunity to pull over and take a few...
  11. J

    The Woes of my C Class Coupe 230k

    Hi there, I have my C Class Coupe for a while now. Year: 2001 Mileage:66000 Location: West Midlands The problem started when my hydraulic pump went and was replaced in December 2009. The computer started flashing SRS restraint system visit the workshop. I took it back to the...

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