c class estate

  1. 85mick85

    Rear folding seats

    Hi, I have just bought a 2019 c220 AMG line estate and my rear folding seats don’t seem to fold. The seat behind the drivers seat Folds no problem when I hit the switch in the boot,(electronic release) but the rear passenger side wont release when the switch is hit. Seat belts are all out...
  2. Mercmebaby

    Map update/version/type

    Hello I’m relatively new to the Mercedes world I’m wanting to know if the pictures I’ve posted of my system is a COMAND NTG5*2, or Garmin Map Pilot? How do I know? Car is a 2016 220d C-Class W205 Reason I ask is because the system runs relatively slow when selecting functions from the...
  3. M

    C class plug in delay

    I ordered the new c class plug in hybrid estate some 4 months ago and expected delivery next week. The York dealer tells me there are problems with the battery for this model and says the car will probably not come until February now. Does anyone have any info on this problem ?
  4. D

    Replacement gear knob

    Hi, I have a 2009 manual C220 Estate and the manual 6 speed gear knob is starting to flake which is quite uncomfortable to say the least. I'm looking for any advice for replacing it, removing the old one and fitting the new. I'm not keen on getting a cheap Halfords, so any help on...
  5. st4

    Touring: The Isle of Skye and the West Coast

    Day one: Getting to Skye As you know from the thread in the Benz bin I decided to tour the Isle of Skye with my time off. I had decided that as I had an immensely enjoyable tour last March towards the end, I would repeat the idea but tour somewhere differently. Thing is, the weather...
  6. M

    Buying my fist MB any advice welcome?

    Hello All, I am new to the forum and to MB, I am about to trade in my current car for a 2003 C180 Kompressor 1.8 auto Classic. (Estate) I have never owned a MB so this will be my first so I would appreciate some advice on what I should be checking prior to purchasing this car. It's from a...
  7. L

    Wanted - New Seats for W203 c class estate

    Just bought a c class estate on a 51 plate for my missus. Got it for a song because it was rather grubby inside. Just had interior valet from professional but still a bit grubby. Thinking of changing the seats. Anybody got some or know from where I may get some? Help would be appreciated.

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