1. alexanderfoti

    Vehicle 2005 C200K Coupe

    Hi all When I sold my CL, I took the guys C200 K in part exchange (very kind of me I thought, until I looked at what needed doing.....) Anyway, having a look over it, I did the following: 2 x Front camber arms Pads all around 4 X tyres (part worn) Gearbox oil change AC Re-gas 12 Months MOT...
  2. N

    C200k Rough Idle (hot) + Errors: P0171 P0301 P0302 P0303 P0304

    Hi All, have issue with poorly C200k, auto. Car has done 80k and is due a service. Starts fine every time hot or cold. But when engine warm/hot the idle often (but not always) goes rough, very rough and the car drives terrible under 2000 rpm. If you rev it between 1000-2000 rpm the car...
  3. S

    Newbie thinking about a W203...

    So it is time to replace my current car. And after comparing A4, 3-series and W203 it seems the MB W203 is the best value for money. There seems to be loads on Autotrader, and prefer a facelift model, although I can't argue with the prices of the pre-facelift models. Here is my question...
  4. T

    Indie near Ashford in Kent

    Hi I am working between Maidstone and Ashford in Kent. Can anyone recommend a good Indie garage I can use in the area. Thanks.

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