1. jeremy156

    Vehicle 2004 CLK500 Avantgarde, Black

    V8 power in a compact car, handles well and gives you that delicious soundtrack as well as the smoothness you'd expect. During my 18 months of ownership, I have had the car maintained by MBS of Southampton, including replacement of all four road springs, rear shocks, various suspension...
  2. J

    CLK55 won't start - error code P0112

    Strange issue with my CLK today. Headed off to work and car started fine, then 2 minutes up the road, I remembered that I'd forgotten something so headed back home. Pulled up outside and ran in the house to grab what I needed (was in the house all of 2 minutes) and then came back out, jumped in...
  3. T

    Axle Stand positions for a CLK C209

    Hi, Does anyone know the best position to place Axle Stands when lifting the front of the car? One site describes placing them under the front chassis for the W210, is the approach for the C209 the same? Is there any way to identify the most appropriate place to position them on each side...
  4. T

    Thinking of getting a CLK C209

    The wife needs to change her car and is very keen on a CLK, 2007 or so. I'm guessting the are past and present CLK owners here Has anyone experience of them, good and bad? Is there anything to look out for? Petrol(200K) versus Diesel(220CDI)? What is considered too high of a millage...

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