1. V

    W204 C220cdi 646811 Overheating

    Hi, I have a problem on my C220 CDI. The car will over heat and the blowers in the cab will blow cold, I removed the thermostat and checked flow and found out if I left the header tank cap off then the heaters in the cab would get warm. I've heard these have an auxiliary water pump and if so I...
  2. A

    C220cdi 2011 oil leak

    Hi I have a c220 cdi coupe 2011 which has developed an oil leak. At first was just a tiny drip but this week the drip is now a mini puddle. The leak is presenting itself passenger wheel area. I was hoping to maybe diy but wondered if there was a common issue with leaks and what it could possibly...
  3. M

    Stange noise under the hood!

    Hello guys, First time on here! I bought a C220D Automatic 2013 from the dealer last year. I noticed that when the car is in park and I rev.. I hear an unusual noise just as the engine starts to 'move' and as soon as it 'stops'. There is no unusual noise when the engine is running and when...
  4. C

    Engine Layout Map W203 C220CDI 51 Plate

    Hello all, Could someone please take some time out and possibly do a parts map of my engine bay, for example put a number above each part and have a written list of all the coresponding parts? Here's a link to the pics. http://imgur.com/a/4vmb2 I was going to post this in the DIY...
  5. H

    C220 cdi, Misfire / Manifold Fault

    Hi Guys, wondering if you can help. I have a C220 Cdi on a 2004/04 plate, bought the car recently and every so often when revving it was making a screeching noise - loosing air and then going into limp mode. Disovered one of the manifold bolts was missing, have had the manifold taken off...
  6. D

    C220CDi 2001/W203 loss of power

    My 2001/W203 C Coupe 220CDi has developed a fault where part way through a journey it loses power. Happens after 30mins/30 miles, car will accelerate up to 70mph on flat - on hills it slows to 55mph. Only first 30% of accelerator travel has any effect, the next 30-100% makes no difference...
  7. N

    Servicing advice and information please

    Hi everyone. I am quite new to this forum and would really appreciate any help and information from you more experienced members. I purchased a 06 C220 CDi SE with 60000 miles on the clock a few months ago. I contacted Mercedes to find out if they had any recorded information and they provided...
  8. S

    S204 C220Cdi Engine Management Faults

    Hi, As a new Mercedes owner, this is my first post on this forum. Unfortunately, it is with a problem. Just five weeks, and less than 2,500 miles, into owning my C220CDi SE Estate, it managed to break down on me!! Pulled into Heston Services, M4 east bound, for a coffee. 10 minutes...
  9. P

    fault 299. super turbo under boost ?

    I had a engine diagnostic warning light appear on my C220 cdi . the light came on, two days after I bought it. An Indy garage inserted a device into my car and showed me this reading. Fault 299. super turbo under boost I took it to a mercedes dealer, as it was still under warranty and they...
  10. H

    Towing with an auto

    I currently tow with a V70 manual and wish to change to an auto but I read on Volvo's Forum that when hold is engaged on descents on their Geartronic box there are experiences where the box can default to neutral and leave you free-wheeling to the bottom! Not a happy thought for someone who...
  11. J

    New member needs help rear tailgate wiper not working

    Hi i have a 2003 c220 cdi estate and the rear wiper has stopped working,about 3 months ago it would not stop on a journey down to Wales and i had to pull the relay out in the fuse box behind the first aid kit.I replaced relay when i got home and it worked fine,the wiper started going slow a few...

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