c350 cdi

  1. R

    C350 CDI - Cheap with a few issues :C350

    Just got my first ever Mercedes. It's a 2012 facelift C350 CDI, was a bargain buy but has a few problems. First, the 'Top up coolant' message just came on so after a quick check it was a bit low, so topped it up. Message hasn't cleared yet and engine temperature all seems fine and no leak (yet)...
  2. W

    Tuning a C350 Sport Ed125 Cdi

    Hi guys, I want some advice on tuning my new Mercedes which I love, I have been looking into the simple remap or a tuning chip. These apparently can get the car to around 310bhp.. Is there anything else on top of this that can be done which isn't too costly which can give me some good...
  3. D

    Hi All C350 CDI

    Hi All, New to the forum have had my Mercedes C350 CDI 2010 for just over a month now. Loving the car had a few problems with it since purchase but you guys have helped me out solving them. Got a remap booked in for next Saturday looking forward to seeing the difference. I will have some...
  4. H

    Dream car Stolen :-(

    Hi Everone I won't dwell or go on to much...!! 4 months ago I purchase my gorgeous 2012 white c250 cdi, absolutely loved the car both inside and out. The way it drove was a dream. Unfortunately we have been broken into and my keys was taken and the car has now long gone ☹️ Just over a...
  5. D

    Hi people. Need some help and advice. Would really appreciate it.

    Hi Guys, I've recently bought my first Mercedes. It's the c350 Cdi Blue efficieny model. When I was looking to purchase I did notice some models came with 276 BHP though mine only has 231 BHP. Not that I'm complaining. It's a 2011 model on a 11 plate. So they guy I bought the car from...
  6. C

    320 vs 350?

    I had a thought this morning, whether it would be worth chopping the A3 in now for something a leeetle bigger. It's a beautiful car, no doubt about it, lovely to drive, great performance if a little lacking in MPG over its Golf predecessor. But, reading various user posts on here I wondered if...
  7. E

    Which Merc CLS320 or a C350cdi

    Hi letting my C220cdi go as its getting to expensive to maintain so have Seen a 2007 CLS 320 petrol and a 2010 C350CDI Blue efficiency Sport both drive well both good looking cars and wondered if i can have any advice on what the best /most reliable to buy. Will do about 8000 miles a year split...
  8. GAD Tuning LTD

    Mercedes C350 CDI Remapping!!!

    Hello guys, Been very "Merc" busy this week! Also had some other lovely bits in and also had a couple of bits on the horizon which will be very interesting indeed!!! Couple of bits in the pipe line with Supercars of London, Supercars of Essex and Yiannimize just to name a few! Back to the...
  9. GAD Tuning LTD

    Mercedes C350 CDI Remapping!!

    Been very busy over the last few weeks!! Many Mercedes diesel now running around with insane amounts torque! Have another C350 CDI here for you guys to look at! Running the 265bhp and 620nm engine variation which means its running the EDC17 CP46 platform which is now being fazed out for...

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