1. GeoffB

    Safety Recall: Reversing Camera

    I got a letter from MB today related to a reversing camera fault on my Vito W447 and wonder if this might affect multiple models with the same camera and software version. It talks about a possible faulty memory chip in the reversing camera that could lead to the camera freezing. A 30 minute...
  2. T

    360' Camera at Low Speed?

    Hey Folks! I just picked up my new GLS and loving the experience so far. One of the features our Lexus had, was at low speed it would auto-enable the 360 camera in the dash to facilitate navigating. I have roamed through MBUX but cannot find a familiar feature - Does anyone know if MBUX...
  3. N

    Fitting dash Cam to CLC - hard wiring

    Just bought a Nextbase Dash Cam 312GW (Which Best Buy) and awaiting a kit to hard wire to fuse box. Has anyone got any experience and tips before I start? The advise appears to be to wire into a fuse that turns on/off with the ignition so as not to run down the battery although does not suggest...
  4. A

    Sprinter CDI 316 March 2015 (MY2013) Reversing Camera

    I've purchased a reversing camera from a German Ebayer (claimed OEM). It comes with German only instructions hence my questions on here. The Radio (Command Module) is an Alpine RY2350 with the video input on a turquoise connector (the only one not used). I've connected switched 12V power via...

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