1. properwounded

    Has anyone used this shop before

    I am looking to buy a new catalyst for my car as I'd prefer it was fixed properly and not cut out and welded back up, my local garage has quoted £253 just for the part after phoning up a supplier whilst I was there. Part Number BM91120H I looked on ebay and found an equivalent part, for £30...
  2. M

    Engine oil overfilled by dealership

    My E320 has just had a service at a Mercedes dealership and upon return, when driven home it billowed smoke and juddered. The engine light came on and a warning message 'reduce oil level'. I took it back next day and they 'fixed' the problem, but when I took it for a test drive the same thing...
  3. D

    W202 catalytic converter replacement question

    Hi I have a cat that is gone and need to replace it in order to pass emissions test. my car is a 1995 w202 c180 petrol. i Have sourced a cat from a 1997 c180 petrol. Issue is that mercedes change the cat section of the exhaust system in 1997 but my question is would replacing the cat...
  4. Z

    E200 W210 Estate Exhaust Mounting

    Hi, I am running a 1997 E200 estate. The car has covered over 205,000 miles and is still going strong! Lately the exhaust has started to rattle. I believe the rattle is coming from the catalyst section downstream from the 2-1 confluence. There is a hanging bracket on the engine and a bolt...
  5. zedmeister

    CLK320 W208 Heat Shield

    Hi there, My middle exhaust heat shield has fallen off - does anyone know where I can get one (apart from the stealers). I think the part number is 202 682 01 71 Many thanks!

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