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    Command Unit Issues

    My name is Carol and I am new to the Forum. I have joined in the hope to try and get some information/assistance with a few issues that I am having with my S Class. In January it began loosing the radio stations in all areas not just on the motorway. When I took it into Mercedes Benz they...
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    Swap Optical CD changer for MP3 player?

    Hi, having had a good look around for an upgrade from the factory fitted 6x CD changer with optical output to something that can just stream MP3s, I've come to a realisation that such a swap may not be possible at all. It seems that there's no suitable MP3 alternatives with an optical output...
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    [Spares] W211 6-CD changer, MP3 compatible

    I've now removed my CD changer and am offering it up for sale on the fora for a few days before going to eBay. This is the pop-out 6-CD changer that hides behind the hazard switch panel on the W211. Part number is A2118706189, and is from my post-facelift car - one of the first facelift 211s...
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    E Class W211 CD Changer

    I have a 2003 Merc E Class (W211) with the 6 CD Changer Unit under the radio. I followed a guide to removed the CD unit as I was trying to install a handsfree kit to the radio, however whilst trying to removed the power cable from the unit I damaged the connector on the cable. I can replace the...
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    how to fit a cd changer to a 2006 E220

    I bought an E220 CDI estate but it has no multi-changer. I opened the secret compartment in eager anticipation and just found a storage space. I bought a 6 disc changer off eBay but cant seem to find the optic fibre cables or other connector to plug into. Can anyone help
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    6 CD Changer in Glove box.

    Hi guys, I have a w209 chassis CLK 270 CDI Avantgarde. I have absolutely no idea how to get the 6 CD changer working in the car! Cds will work in the main player but I dont know what to do to change it to the 6 CD changer. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
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    W211 Central Control Panel is Dead

    Hi All This is my first post on this forum and I am really hoping somebody will be able to help with this really strange problem. My 2002 E320 has the APS50 + 6CD changer and the inbuilt phone system (now with Viseo fitted) all of which are fully functioning, except for the motorised...
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    [Spares] 6 CD Changer - MC3110 + Magazine

    For sale - Ebay listing: ML bracket: Any questions please contact me...
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    [Spares] Bose audio components (D2B) for sale

    I have the following - basically the Bose system from a 2003 CLK, which I've replaced, minus the cabling. Should suit CLK or C-class of similar age, probably can fit into any car with D2B fibre optic bus. Mercedes [Becker] Audio10 radio/cassette (fibre-optic D2B output) - A2038201686 Merc...

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